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Do I Need to Use a Face Cream Moisturiser?

Do I Need to Use a Face Cream Moisturiser?

Many of us would not leave the house without applying a moisturiser, as we know how beneficial they are for keeping our skin hydrated, plump and protected with an invisible shield that acts as a barrier between our skin and the outside world. At Nakin we have some excellent natural moisturisers in our collection and we believe that all adults benefit from using a face cream, to keep their skin looking and feeling its best.

Read on to find out why a face cream moisturiser is so beneficial. We all desire a smooth and glowing complexion, but outside factors, like pollution and weather changes, can quickly rob our skin of its natural beauty. A high-quality face cream moisturiser like Nakin’s can help us achieve and maintain healthy, well-hydrated skin that is resilient.

Prevent Dry Skin

Natural protective oils from our skin can quickly evaporate, particularly during dry weather or in a low humidity environment. As a result, our skin loses moisture and becomes dryer over time. By applying a good face cream moisturiser, you can seal moisture into your skin and keep it hydrated throughout the day.

Protect Against Skin Damage

Although not all face creams contain sunscreen a good one will still help to protect from skin damage with antioxidant protection, plus by helping to avoid damage from cold weather, and inflammation from things like pollution.

Soothe Sensitive Skin

Facial creams can be especially helpful for those who have delicate and sensitive skin. Such skin types are susceptible to irritation and redness. Face cream moisturisers containing natural ingredients like ours, such as hyaluronic acid and aloe vera, can help soothe your skin and lessen inflammation.

Keep Skin Looking Youthful

The level of hydration in the skin plays a critical role in keeping the skin healthy. As we grow older, our skin loses moisture, eventually leading to wrinkles and fine lines. While face cream moisturisers can't prevent ageing, they can help keep our skin looking youthful. By locking in moisture, they can also help with elasticity, making our skin smoother and less prone to wrinkles.

Overall, using a face cream moisturiser in your daily skincare routine is highly beneficial. A good skincare product will work to hydrate your skin, protect it from damage, and reduce signs of ageing. So, don't forget to invest in a reliable and high-quality face cream that's right for your skin type.  At Nakin we have two face moisturisers which is our Matt Formula Face Cream for more oily skin types and our Active Dew Face Cream for drier skin types. Your skin will thank you for the love and care, and our face creams work beautifully with the rest of our face products, which can all be found in the links below.

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