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Do I Need A Neck Cream?

Do I Need A Neck Cream?

The question of ‘Do I need a neck cream?’ is one that we get asked by customers, as some wonder why we do not have one in the Nakin Anti-Ageing Skincare Range. The answer is simple and that it is because we do not need a separate neck cream, as most face products can be used on the neck as well as the face and will be just as effective. This is because the skin on our face is similar to the skin on our neck, chin and chest. It does not have as many open pores, but picks up lots of daily grime and so needs good cleansing, plus it benefits from the same anti-ageing treatments as the face. Our neck has lots of the same issues as the rest of our face such as lines, wrinkles, dullness and an uneven tone.

The skin around our eyes is more delicate, so a separate eye cream such as our Anti-Ageing Eye Cream is important, but the skin on our neck and chest should be treated exactly the same as the skin on our face. So, we do not need a separate face cream or other beauty product for the neck area. However, what is important is to start looking after your neck as soon as possible, do not wait until you start to see signs of ageing in the neck area, as age prevention is really important for a youthful looking face and neck. Include your neck in all of your facial skincare steps, and remember to apply SPF to the neck and chest when going outside in the sun. The skin on the neck and chest is one of the places that signs of skin ageing start to show up, and this continues as the years go by.

Skincare for the Neck

The best skincare products like ours have carefully produced formulations that have the right consistency for the face, and so will work perfectly on the neck and chest area as well. They will have high performance plant actives and will not be too sticky or rich. Instead the face products will pamper facial skin, the chin, neck and chest in exactly the same way; with the aim to enhance and improve skin as much as possible. Skin ageing happens in the same way all over our body. As we age our skin produces less collagen and elastin and they are the two protein structures that keep skin firm and bouncy. Sun damage increases skin ageing, and that is why we often experience lines on our face, neck and chest area – as these areas are exposed to the sun a lot. But a separate neck and chest cream is not needed. It is a bit of a bug bear of ours as neck creams seem to be an unnecessary purchase. Instead, just follow a really good face routine morning and evening on the neck and chest, in the same way you do on the rest of your face.

Skin Routine for the Neck

We are going to be clear that the first and very important thing to do is to cleanse your neck properly. This is because if you don't you might find that your neck looks older than it needs to. The neck is not as smooth as some of our face and might have bands and lines. These need to be cleansed as otherwise they can get a build-up of grime and dead skin cells. Cleanse and tone your face and neck morning and evening with our Advanced Cleansing Milk or Rejuvenating Face Wash and follow with our Purifying Face Toner. Then for exfoliation use our Exfoliating Radiance Tonic to give the face and neck a deep clean, plus encourage cell turnover. This is important as if the neck is grimy then dead skin cells can build up in any rings and lines that might be on the neck. Take care to get into all the little areas like around the ears, back of the neck and the chest. Then retain this in your routine and keep up the daily and weekly cleansing for the face and neck. It’s easy to neglect this area as we do not wear as much make-up on our neck, but it is still exposed to daily grime and pollution.

The neck area can also be sensitive like the rest of the face. However, because the Nakin range is really gentle and made with natural actives, you do not need to worry if you have sensitive skin as it will not make the face or neck red, flushed or irritated. After cleansing apply treatments and moisturisers to the face and neck, both morning and evening to nourish and renew skin. Nakin is great if you like natural products with a very subtle natural scent and kind therapeutic face care products. Our products revive and give energy to skin. Our Eye Cream Complex helps with puffing, dark circles, lines, crow’s feet and wrinkles and our Performance Face Serum is great for lines and discolouration on the face and neck. Next is our nourishing Revitalising Face Oil which is great to use during neck exercises and facial massages. Then moisturise the face and neck with our Active Dew Face Cream for dry dehydrated skin types or our Matt Formula Face Cream if you skin is oilier. Always wear SPF when out in the sun, and apply it to skin 15 minutes before exposure.

The beauty and skincare industry often markets specialised products, like neck creams, claiming they are essential for maintaining youthful skin in that area. However, it's important to understand that the skin on your neck is not vastly different from the skin on your face. Most high-quality facial moisturisers, which are designed to hydrate, nourish, and protect against environmental damage, can be just as effective when applied to the neck area. Investing in a good, all-purpose moisturiser can save you from unnecessary spending on niche products. The key lies in consistent skincare routine involving protection, hydration, and nourishment, which can maintain the skin’s elasticity and appearance without the need for a separate neck cream

So, as you have read, we do not need a neck cream, as the best face products will do a great job on the neck, just as they do on the face. We know that some people do love a neck cream and so obviously if you love it then continue to use it. However, if you like simplicity or good value from your face care, then there is no need for a cream that is only for the neck and chest area. Instead just use the best natural skincare products like Nakin’s. The range contains high performing natural plant actives to smooth lines and help prevent and correct other signs of ageing. It is kind to skin of all ages and does not contain harsh ingredients like retinol and vitamin C. It is natural so will not smooth lines like Botox and fillers, but it helps skin to look as good as it can naturally. The best products for lines are the Eye Cream Complex and the Performance Face Serum for the face and neck, but all the products contain anti-ageing ingredients and help to improve and nourish skin. Find out more about Nakin at www.nakinskincare.com The range is made in the UK, cruelty free and suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

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