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Do I Need A Face Primer?

Do I Need A Face Primer?

Face primers are used before applying foundation to the skin. They work as a base for foundation and help to smooth skin to improve the performance of the foundation. This gives foundation a more even flawless look and coverage and is said to extend the look of the foundation on our face. But do we actually need to use a primer?

It can be personal choice and some people love them. They do provide a very even soft surface to apply foundation, similar to the skin of a baby. However, the ingredients often used to achieve this silky surface are not so great and many conventional primers often include silicones. The silicones give the silky soft base to skin, but they are synthetic, so it’s an unnatural unnecessary layer.  At Nakin we believe that using high quality Natural Skincare Products instead, such as our Nakin Anti-Ageing Skincare that preps and primes skin more than enough, so a primer is not necessary. In fact, adding a primer to your skincare routine is likely to just overload skin with too many products.

A high-quality face moisturising cream like ours at Nakin not only hydrates the skin but can also serve as an effective face primer. This dual functionality is due to the cream's ability to create a smooth and supple base, plus nourishing the skin on the face and neck with goodness. Our moisturiser's hydrating properties ensure that the skin remains plump and elastic, providing an ideal canvas for makeup application. Additionally, by enhancing the skin's texture, it allows for the makeup to adhere better and last longer, much like a dedicated primer would. This multifaceted role makes a good moisturising cream an indispensable part of one's skincare and makeup routine.

What Is a Face Primer

If you have ever used a face primer then you will know that it gives skin a very smooth and soft silky feel, which provides an amazing base to apply foundation. This includes helping to fill and blur out lines or bumpy areas of the skin. This means that the foundation will not sink into skin so much, where it can look uneven and dry in areas. Instead the foundation looks even and smooth. It’s a bit like painting a wooden skirting board. It needs an undercoat of paint before applying the final gloss, this gives it that smooth even look. Primer provides the best base to make-up, and many also have skin improving properties as well. The thing that we do not like about primers though is that many contain silicones, which are synthetic chemicals and we do not recommend using them in skincare. You can usually spot a silicone ingredient on a primer label as it will be a chemical sounding name that ends in ‘cone’ e.g. dimethicone, methicone and trimethicone. It’s not so much that silicones in skincare are toxic, but the synthetic nature and they way they coat skin affects its natural biology. Using a primer as well as face treatments and face creams will also overload skin with too many products. At Nakin we always believe in using natural face products that work in harmony our skin.

Using A Natural Face Cream Moisturiser Instead of A Silicone Face Primer

As we said, the job of a face primer is to give skin a very soft silky surface, which makes a lovely even smooth base to apply foundation. But if you want to avoid a synthetic primer that may contain silicones, then Nakin’s Face Moisturisers make superb natural alternatives. They leave skin silky smooth and soft from the best natural plant actives, like plumping hyaluronic acid and hydrating cassia.

The Nakin range is specially designed for most skin types, as it does not contain plant ingredients that are either too rich or too drying. The range is also suitable for sensitive skin. We have two face creams to choose from, our Matt Formula Face Cream which is more for oilier skin types, or those that do not like a dewy finish, and it is also very nice to use under foundation. We also have our Active Dew Face Cream, which is richer and more dewy than the matt one, it is more for drier skin. As we get older our skin tends to get more drier and sensitive. If you have oily skin you would probably know, as you might see things like blackheads and get greasy hair soon after washing it. You would also probably know if you had dry skin, as it can flake and feel uncomfortable sometimes.

We always recommend using products that are natural and non pore-clogging as we feel that this is the best way to look after skin in the long and short-term. This also applies to make-up applied on top of the primer.

How To Apply A Face Primer

The way to use a face primer to prep and prime your skin can vary depending on your personal choice. It would be applied to skin before your concealer and foundation. This would be after cleansing, toning, serum, face oil and face cream. You can use your fingers or a make-up brush. A flat foundation brush works well for this, as a primer does not need buffing into your skin. The primer just needs to be applied evenly to all of the areas you will apply coverage. Once applied we recommend waiting for a minute before applying another product, to allow it to sink in properly and set. This is our recommendation for every step in your beauty routine. The steps are outlined in detail below:

  • Begin with our Advanced Cleansing Milk which can be used morning and evening to gently cleanse skin without stripping, and also removes make-up.
  • Follow with our Purifying Face Toner to remove the last traces of cleanser and clear skin thoroughly.
  • Then apply our Performance Face Serum which is a multi-purpose serum for all sorts of skin concerns like lines, dullness and sun damage.
  • Next apply the Revitalising Face Oil to skin to calm and nourish the face and neck. It contains only the best natural plant oils for the face.
  • Don’t forget to apply our Eye Cream Complex as the skin around the eyes needs an ultra-kind fragrance free springy hydrating formula.
  • Now is time for the primer and we have two natural face creams to choose from, our Matt Formula Face Cream which is more for oilier skin types and if you do not like a dewy finish. Or our Active Dew Face Cream, which is richer and more dewy and more suited to drier skin. Both face creams are suitable for normal skin types and leave skin feeling smooth and silky soft ready for foundation.
  • Finish your routine with our Lip Treatment Balm that plumps and hydrates even the driest lips.

To find out more about Nakin and see the rest of our award winning face care then visit us at www.nakinskincare.com The full range is cruelty free and made in the UK. It offers everything that you need for an excellent healthy face care regime.

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