Do I Need A Face Oil?

Do I Need A Face Oil?

At Nakin we are often asked the question of if a face oil is needed in a skincare routine, and we always answer yes, as face oils are fantastic products that can do wonders for skin. At Nakin we produce award-winning natural skincare and although we only have a small collection of anti-ageing skincare it was essential for us to include a face oil in this. There are so many reasons why we love face oils and recommend using them on your face and neck. They are a luxurious addition to a face routine and offer the benefits listed below.

  • Good face oils will be 100% natural, as they do not require the addition of any synthetic ingredients. So, when using a natural face oil like ours you are applying nothing but healthy plant-based goodness to your skin.
  • Face oils glide onto skin beautifully and are an excellent way to give your face and neck a daily massage, to revive the skin and boost the circulation.
  • Face oils can instantly make your skin look super healthy and radiant because the oil combines with our natural skin texture and sebum. They are like a subtle all-over natural highlighter for the face and neck.
  • When you apply a good face oil you are giving your skin a topical boost of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which help to prevent and correct skin damage.
  • As well as feeding skin beautifully, they also lock moisture into the skin, so help to offer skin long lasting hydration and comfort.
  • The combined properties of face oils make them an incredibly anti-ageing product. At Nakin our anti-ageing face oil has been specially designed to keep skin looking youthful with its nutritious blend of special plant ingredients.

Use a face oil after cleansing your face and applying a natural face serum but before applying a face cream moisturiser. There are lots of ways to apply a face oil. You can massage them all over the face and neck, or instead apply a small amount to the inner hands and finger pads and then press them all over the face and neck, until everywhere is covered and it has been applied evenly. You do not need much, just a couple of drops in the day and then again at night. If you use a small amount, then you do not need to worry about that over shiny look, and always wait about one minute for the face oil to absorb before applying the face cream on top.

We hope that you found our article outlining why you need a face oil helpful. As you can see, we thoroughly recommend them and always say that we do need a face oil in our beauty routines. We love them for many reasons including their texture, nutrient content, and ability to lock moisture into the face. The result is that your face and neck are left looking super healthy and radiant.  

To find out more about Nakin then please visit our About Us and Product pages of the website. We have everything needed for a great natural skin routine and all of our products are cruelty free and made in the UK.

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