Discover Our Gorgeous UK Made Natural Lip Balm

Discover Our Gorgeous UK Made Natural Lip Balm

If there is one product that most of us love to use, it is a lip balm. At Nakin we take the production of our products very seriously and only sell the best natural skincare made with the finest ingredients. One of those products is our stunning Natural Nakin Lip Treatment Balm which is made in the UK and gives lips 100% pure plant goodness to heal, soften, hydrate and plump lips to perfection.

As well as all of this the product itself is sumptuous and a joy to use. It is no surprise that it has won numerous ‘best lip balm’ awards due to its special formula and ease of use. It contains a unique blend of some of the best butters and oils for lips that are available. This includes castor, olivate, olive, carnauba, beeswax, grape, argan, baobab, sunflower, mint, calendula, marigold and vitamin E. All of these ingredients on their own offer super powerful healing and lifting properties to the lips, but together they provide intense nourishment that is hard to beat.

What lips receive when the lip balm is applied is a slather of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, as well as omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. This provides lips with the perfect recipe to calm, nurture and bring lips back to life.

Despite its rich consistency it is not greasy or clogging, as we never use cheap fatty oils like coconut in our products. It still though packs a punch when it comes to restoring lips to their hydrated, soft, beautiful selves.

When we use the word natural to describe our products, we really mean natural. We know that it is confusing with so many ‘natural products’ out there, and many with only a tiny percentage of natural content. At Nakin though we produce our products with as much natural content as we possibly can. That’s why our UK lip balm is 100% natural. Being a balm there really is no need to include any other ingredients and it is free from synthetic perfume and colour. A natural beauty product to us also means being environmentally friendly in other aspects too. That is why our Nakin Lip Treatment balm is registered with the UK cruelty free leaping bunny scheme, as we never want animals harmed in the production of our products, or by suppliers in the chain.

We hope that you have found our feature helpful about our gorgeous UK made natural lip balm. If you are looking for a stunning lip balm that meets the UK made and natural criteria, then we do not think that you will be disappointed when you use it. This is just one product in Nakin’s face products range, and you can find out more about us and the products in the links below.

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