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Discover Our Clear Lip Balm

Discover Our Clear Lip Balm

There are so many lip balms to choose from and a lot of them are tinted in all sorts of shades. But at Nakin we find that most of the time only a clear lip balm will do. Our lips have such a lovely natural colour to them, that sometimes covering them with a shade takes away from that natural bare beauty that we all have. The other nice thing about a clear lip balm is that you do not have to worry about the colour getting onto things.

Using a clear lip balm like Nakin’s 100% Natural Lip Treatment is the best way to care for lips as the ingredients are completely dedicated to hydrating, softening and healing. Instead of being taken up with colourings, which however natural they are will not provide the goodness that a completely clear natural lip balm can.

Our Nakin Anti-Ageing Lip Balm offers intense moisture and is visibly softening to lips. It is formulated to nourish deeply from the combination of nutrient rich plant ingredients for soft, supple and protected lips. It is an essential for any lip balm lover and can be used on its own or under lip makeup products. Lips are left feeling soft and cared for and it has a subtle natural sheen that leaves lips looking wonderful.

It is made from a mix of sumptuous plant oils and butters like argan, marigold, sunflower, olive, shea and baobab, to give lips the best care possible. Like all of our products it is completely free of petrolatum, which is found in many conventional lip balms, and although petrolatum has good barrier protection properties, it does not contain the nutrients that plant oils and butters contain, and is not environmentally friendly.

Clear balms are one of our favourite products of all the beauty ones out there. A 100% natural clear lip balm also has the least amount of processing. This is because the formula only combines all the plant ingredients together in a form that can be applied to lips, and stays there to offer long lasting care.

Clear lip balms should not be confused with clear lip glosses, which although can make lips look temporarily healthy and shiny, lip glosses do not generally provide nourishment and can even be drying to lips.

We hope that you enjoyed our feature about our clear lip balm. It is a customer favourite and an essential part of our skincare routine. At Nakin we have everything needed for a good face care regime. We have a capsule collection that includes only essential face products, which are all multi-tasking. Nakin’s products have won many awards and our verified customer reviews speak for themselves. You can find out more about collection and Nakin as a brand below.

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