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Discover our Calming Face Care

Discover our Calming Face Care

Our skin needs calming for a variety of reasons all year round, but especially as we head to the colder months. There is no need to worry though as Nakin have a gorgeous natural skincare range that helps to soothe and calm skin back to health.

Nakin have a full-face care collection, and everything needed to care and calm the face and neck, for a happy healthy complexion. Skin can need calming for all sorts of reasons such as cold weather, using the wrong skincare products and being dry or sensitive. Using Nakin’s range of skincare products means that everyone can have a normal skincare routine, that is kind to skin, to bring back balance and harmony.

  • We never recommend harsh products like face wipes and strong face washes, as these can irritate the delicate skin barrier and cause sensitivity, spots and dry skin. Good cleansing does not need to be stripping to skin to be effective. Our kind and effective natural face cleansers are lovely and calming to skin. They clear away daily grime and makeup in a beautiful gentle way, including eye make-up and rich coloured products. They are never harsh and will not dry out the skin layers, as the formula is made of kind plant surfactants.
  • After cleansing use our calming natural face treatments to bring skin back to perfect condition. One of our best-selling products for dry and sensitive skin is our Revitalising Face Oil which hydrates and nourishes with an exquisite blend of botanical oils. It is calming and illuminating to even the most sensitive, dry and stressed skin.
  • We also have our calming face creams which have a rich silk like consistency but are never too thick and are easily absorbed. They seal in goodness, hydrate and protect the face and are beautiful natural moisturisers with so many benefits. The formulas disappear into skin to comfort, hydrate and protect. We never recommend using overly thick creams, as instead of calming skin they can cause blockages and greasiness. Good creams will always dissipate quickly, as this is how they can work their magic on the skin barrier and offer invisible nourishment and protection. Sometimes it can be surprising how something that is non-greasy can be so brilliant for dry and sensitive skin, but it is about the ingredients in the product, their nutrient profile and how they sink into skin.
  • Many of us have sensitive and easily irritated skin around the eyes. Keep this area looking great by hydrating and reviving with our natural eye cream, which is filled with the best plant goodness for happy eyes.
  • One of the areas that often needs extra care is our lips. We have a stunning lip balm for this that helps to restore even lips that are very dry and chapped. Take a look at our natural lip care online.

Nakin’s products all offer exceptional barrier repair which helps to calm and comfort, leaving skin in great health and looking plus feeling amazing. Our stunning skincare is breathable and repairing, with incredible natural anti-ageing properties. It helps good skin to look amazing and restores troubled skin back to health. Find out more about Nakin in the links below and see our full natural anti-ageing products face range, for everything needed in a good routine.

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