Discover Nakin's Essential Face Products

Discover Nakin's Essential Face Products

At Nakin we often get asked what are our most recommend essential face products. The truth is that we try to keep our natural anti-ageing skincare product collection to only essential face products, as we do not believe in overloading skin with too many products, or having a large confusing routine.

In the Nakin range there is everything that you need for a great face routine and our products help to keep skin looking as good as it can naturally. Our full range is outlined below and can all be used together, or with other brands. All our products are for all skin types, except the face creams where one is for drier skin and one for oily skin. If you just wanted to try a small selection to start with then the three essentials would be our cleansing milk, eye cream and face cream. These products along with the rest of our face care can be found here. If you are looking for a more substantial routine then read on to see how Nakin products work together for clean, fresh, rejuvenated skin.

  • The Advanced Cleansing Milk is a gorgeous lotion that removes daily grime and make-up, plus also softens and comforts skin. This can be removed with cotton wool, a damp cloth, or with a muslin cloth for a gentle exfoliation. With most cleansing milks you can remove them without water as well, but we then recommend definitely using a toner afterwards, and this will then take away any excess. After the milk sweep our Purifying Face Toner over the face and neck to clear the last traces of cleanser, refresh and detox with seaweed, witch hazel and aloe.
  • Using treatments on the face and neck that deliver high performing actives to skin can dramatically improve the texture and look. We have a lovely eye cream which is our Eye Cream Complex. It is filled with lots of lovely natural actives and extracts to help with lines, hydration, puffing and dark circles. It is natural though so will not have the same effect as things like retinol, but it is kind to skin so will also not cause irritation and throw skin off balance. For the rest of the face and neck our Performance Face Serum is a multi-purpose skin corrector with amazing plant actives, to help prevent signs of ageing, smooth lines and condition skin.
  • If you are looking to give skin some intense care, or searching for a lovely natural gift then our Revitalising Face Oil and Lip Treatment Balm make lovely presents, as they are 100% natural and really luxurious. They are especially lovely in the colder months when the skin and lips get quite dry. One of the nice things about our Revitalising Face Oil is that it can be used as part of a massage to really help improve skin as it stimulates circulation, which is really rejuvenating.
  • No face routine would be complete without a face cream moisturiser and at Nakin we have two amazing options. Both the Active Dew Cream and Matt Formula Face Cream are suitable for normal, combination and sensitive skin. The Matt one is better for those with skin on the oilier side, and the Dew Cream is more for those with skin on the drier side. But both are really moisturising and long lasting too. The Matt Cream will nourish and hydrate drier areas of skin with the non-oily hydrating natural ingredients. You could also chose a cream based on the finish you prefer, if you like a more dewy finish then the Dew Cream would be the best choice, but if you prefer a more matt finish then the Matt Cream will be best.

Whichever Nakin products you chose we hope that you love them. Nakin is all about helping skin to look as good as it can naturally. All of our products are made with sensitive skin in mind and so have a mild completely natural fragrance. Our Eye Cream Complex and Lip Treatment Balm are completely fragrance free for those that prefer this. To read more detailed information about the range and the products, plus read our customer reviews then take a look online.

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