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Daily Face Moisturising Products for Very Dry Skin

Daily Face Moisturising Products for Very Dry Skin

If you have very dry skin and are looking for a daily moisturising routine then we recommend trying our natural anti-ageing skincare range. This is because we have an award-winning collection of natural face products that use plant actives and extracts to revive and hydrate the face and neck.

If you have very dry skin then one product that we would definitely recommend trying is our the Revitalising Face Oil as it is really healing and nourishing, and so will help to repair the skin barrier, plus clear up and prevent any dry or flaky areas. If you just wanted a face moisturiser then the Active Dew Face Cream would be best and it can be used on its own, or to get the best comfort, nourishment, and protection you can apply the Revitalising Face Oil underneath it.

At Nakin most of our products work for very dry skin, although we do suggest cleansing with the Advanced Cleansing Milk instead of our face wash. Everything in our range can be found here https://www.nakinskincare.com/collections/natural-anti-ageing-skincare and the plant ingredients offer superb hydration and nourishment naturally 

We should say that as we are a natural range sometimes our products can feel different to many products, even other ranges that consider themselves to be natural. It is important to say this as if you have very dry skin, you will probably notice a difference more than most. We have a very strict ingredients policy at Nakin and so we never include ones like silicones, PEGs, glycols and microplastics, all of which can feel lovely and hydrating on the face and neck, with a silky cocooning effect. However, they have no beauty benefits at all, and we prefer to include as much skin boosting natural ingredients as possible. Our products are really hydrating using amazing plant ingredients like cassia, plant oils and hyaluronic acid, they are just missing that synthetic silky layer that so many face creams have.

At Nakin, we are proud to offer daily face products that work for all skin types, including those with very dry skin. But what makes our products so great for this skin type? It all starts with our commitment to using natural, high-quality ingredients.

We understand that those with very dry skin need extra care and attention when it comes to skincare. That is why we have carefully selected ingredients that are known for their moisturising and nourishing properties, such as hyaluronic acid, argan oil, and shea butter. These ingredients not only provide intense hydration to the skin, but also help to repair any damage and protect it from future dryness.

Our products have undergone extensive research and have been awarded numerous accolades for their effectiveness. We believe in the power of nature and have harnessed its benefits to create a range of products that truly work wonders for dry skin.

In addition to using top-quality ingredients, we also prioritise ethical aspects in our production process. Our products are ethically made in the UK and cruelty-free, meaning they have never been tested on animals. We believe that beauty should never come at the expense of animals or the environment.

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