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Crème De La Mer Alternative

Crème De La Mer Alternative

Crème De Lar Mer has to be one of the most famous skincare brands around. Its fame is mostly bought about by the high cost of each product. Some of the products cost hundreds of pounds, which is a lot to spend on one skincare product and this price tag is out of reach of most people. At Nakin you could buy most of our range of natural skincare for the same price as one of Crème De La Mer’s face creams.

Crème De Lar Mer now calls itself just La Mer, and we know the brand has many fans. Lots of people love the rich formulas that sink in well and report good results from using the products. The secret to La Mer is the sea kelp used in the products, which is harvested in Vancouver. The harvesting is a special ritual which takes place at optimum times twice a year, and once hand harvested it is rushed to the laboratory to ensure the best nutrient content is captured. It is a nice story, but we are not sure that everyone can afford the range. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative that also offers highly effective anti-ageing skincare, then take a look at our award-winning range.

La Mer’s face products are said to contain a miracle broth. It is something that we also do at Nakin, with our special intensive blend of plant actives that are found in each of our face products. Our products are made with numerous high performing plant extracts to help skin in multiple ways. We also use the power of the sea with seaweed extract, along with many more skin loving actives like hibiscus and pomegranate. Our products all have the perfect consistency, not too thick or thin and they help oily, dehydrated and sensitive skin alike. They have a mild natural scent and feel lovely and softening on skin.  The non-greasy formulas do not clog pores but offer long lasting hydration and nourishment.

To find out more about our range of the best skincare products then visit our website. We also have hundreds of verified customer reviews skin which often explain in detail how skin responds to our stunning formulas.

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