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Coconut Oil Free Lip Balm

Coconut Oil Free Lip Balm

Coconut oil must be one of the most written about natural ingredients and it does have its benefits in some situations, but at Nakin we actually never use coconut oil in any of our natural anti-ageing face products, as we feel it is too fatty to be used in face products. One of the common products that coconut oil appears in is lip balms as it glides onto lips well and has a rich greasiness that makes our lips feel instantly hydrated. However due to its excessive oiliness it can clog pores, and this is why we never use it in our Nakin Lip Treatment Balm. It is completely free of coconut oil and instead contains some of the best botanical oils and butters that are available. Read on to find out more about our coconut free lip balm.

Our coconut oil free lip balm is formulated with natural ingredients that moisturise and nourish your lips. It is also free of common allergens such as lanolin, gluten, and paraben-free. Made with a blend of shea butter, argan oil, castor oil and natural waxes, our balm will renew your lips while providing long-lasting protection against the elements. The addition of Vitamin E helps to soothe and restore damaged lip skin while providing intense hydration for even the most sensitive lips. With its smooth texture our coconut oil free lip balm is a big winner for many customers.

Our luxurious balm is easy to apply on-the-go thanks to its convenient pot. Simply glide it across your lips for instant hydration and protection. Our balm is perfect for everyday use, whether you are indoors or outdoors, and it can be applied as required. Its natural ingredients make it safe to use, while its rich texture will leave your lips feeling pampered and refreshed.

Our coconut oil free lip balm is an excellent choice for those who are looking for an all-natural solution to their lip care needs. With its silky-smooth texture, pleasant feel and natural healing properties, this balm is sure to become a part of your daily routine. It has won numerous awards including for best lip balm in the Beauty Shortlist Awards. Customers love the luxurious feel and how it instantly transforms the look and feel of lips. It also has great eco credentials being 100% natural and vegetarian, plus having Leaping Bunny cruelty free status.

We hope that you can try our coconut free lip balm. Some customers might be surprised that we do not use coconut oil in our natural skincare. Coconut oil is a cheap cosmetic ingredient, and it can look like a butter in lower temperatures, but as soon as it is applied to our skin and lips it becomes thin and runny liquid that is very greasy. Coconut oil is high in saturated fat, which can be too much to the delicate skin of the lips over time. Therefore, it is generally recommended by dermatologists to avoid using coconut oil in lip balms, and instead use other oils and waxes that are better suited for protecting the lips from dryness and providing longer-lasting moisture.

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