Cleansing Face Products to Avoid in your Face Regime

Cleansing Face Products to Avoid in your Face Regime

At Nakin we love skincare products, but this does not extend to every face product on the market, in particular there are three commonly used cleansing products that we feel are too aggressive, as they can be irritating to skin. We love natural skincare products but often find that conventional face products can contain ingredients that we do not recommend using on your face. It’s not that they are not effective but more that they can be irritating. This includes strong face cleansers such as high foaming face washes, micellar waters and physically abrasive exfoliators.

You might think that a strong face cleanser is good because it easily removes dirt and make-up, however they can also strip and dry the skin, plus throw it off balance. For this reason there are some common everyday face cleansers that we recommend avoiding. The main ones that this applies to is strong micellar waters, high foaming face washes and physical abrasive exfoliators.

At Nakin we believe that there is no need for these kind of products as they have strong surfactants in them. Some face washes contain ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate and are designed to mix with water plus remove everything from the face such as make-up and dirt, but in the process they also remove our natural oils. The issue that we have with micellar waters is that they also contain strong detergents as they are designed to remove make-up and grime quickly and easily, however, as micellar waters are a leave on product these strong cleansing ingredients stay on skin and might cause irritation.

We also suggest avoiding physically abrasive exfoliators as they can be too much for skin and cause redness plus irritation. All three products can be damaging to the delicate skin barrier and be very stripping to skin, so we recommend avoiding them. This is even if you have oily skin, as stripping oily skin just throws it off balance and causes it to fight back with more oil. If you have skin on the oily side then you might think that it is good to remove it with a strong cleanser, but this is something that we never recommend. Most of us have some sort of combination skin on our t-zone area, but for oily or dry we always recommend using natural cleansers like Nakin’s that are kind to skin.

Modern natural cleansers like Nakin’s are super kind and effective at the same time and there is no need to use harsh synthetic foaming agents, leave on cleansers or exfoliators anymore. Modern skin cleaning is not about cleansing skin to get that tight feeling at all costs. The best cleansers like Nakin’s Advanced Cleansing Milk and Nakin’s Purifying Face Toner leave skin feeling soft, comforted and hydrated which means skin is healthy and happy. At Nakin we have a full range of face care which is all kind and nourishing to skin. To find out more about Nakin visit the links below.

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