Choosing the Best Moisturiser for Combination Skin

Choosing the Best Moisturiser for Combination Skin

If you have combination skin then you have probably spent a lot of time wondering which is the best moisturising cream for you. This is no surprise as you will want to balance the dry and oily areas, plus have a product that caters for both. This is where our Nakin moisturisers can help as they contain amazing plant ingredients that all skin types love. The formulas help to hydrate drier areas and balance oilier patches, plus condition and protect the face and neck.

How to Choose A Moisturiser for Combination Skin?

At Nakin we receive lots of questions about choosing the best moisturiser for combination skin, so we wrote this article to help with the decision making. If you have combination skin, then as it is a mixture of dry and oily areas, it’s important to use the right face cream to treat both requirements and balance the oil production effectively. We have summarised the key points for picking the best moisturiser for combination skin below:

  • Only use natural skincare as synthetic skincare does not work in harmony with skin
  • Check that your face products do not contain any pore clogging oils like coconut
  • Do an assessment of combination skin to see if it is predominately oily or dry
  • For drier combination skin use a moisturiser especially made for this such as Nakin’s Active Dew Face Cream
  • For oilier combination skin then use a face cream that works for this skin like Nakin’s Matt Formula Face Cream
  • If skin is also sensitive, then ensure the products are suitable such as Nakin’s Sensitive Skincare Products
  • Do not use a face cream made for only oily or dry skin, as it would be too extreme

What Is Combination Skin?

Combination is one of the most common skin types as we often have both oily and drier patches in different areas of the face. Combination skin also needs to be treated gently, whether it is sensitive or not. At Nakin we are natural skincare specialists and so have the right advice on how to care for combination skin.

Lots of us have combination skin without even knowing it, as it is quite rare to have just one skin type. If you have combination skin, then you may feel that you have lots of different skin conditions. Some areas of skin might be oily, some dry, some normal and some sensitive. One of the most common combination skin types is an oily T-zone. Here the panel literally down the centre of the face (the forehead, nose and chin) will be oily and shiny at times. It may show lots of black heads and get blocked easily. In contrast the cheeks may be drier and more sensitive. Although this is the more classic combination skin signs; your skin may instead have dryness down the central panel and be oilier on the cheeks. Your skin may show another mix of oily and dry patches, which is also defined as combination skin.

The best way to treat combination skin is to spend some time assessing your skin and see what the predominate skin type is. Is it mainly, oily, normal, dry or sensitive? Once this is established then use skincare accordingly, always bearing in mind the other skin types shown in your unique complexion.

So, if you are mainly oily areas then you are looking for a face cream that works with oily skin - as well as being suitable for normal skin and able to help any drier patches too, like our Matt Formula Face Cream. If the predominant skin type is showing through as dry skin then look for a face cream that treats dry skin, but also normal skin and will not clog oily skin like our Active Dew Face Cream. Also remember to adapt the rest of your skincare routine accordingly. So oilier skin types will benefit from an extra focus on cleansing, although it must be a kind natural cleanser like our Advanced Cleansing Milk. A harsh cleanser will strip oily skin and may make it produce excess oil as skin attempts to recover and heal. If you are using the right face products then you should see an improvement in skin almost immediately, but the best results will be seen 1-3 months after using a product.

The Best Moisturisers for Combination Skin

Choosing the best moisturiser for your combination will help you achieve glowing skin and a natural radiance. Using a natural face product is a must as it will balance and harmonise. Then it’s all about picking a face cream that does not clog pores, but also balances and hydrates skin without greasiness.

To choose the perfect moisturiser face cream for your face and neck then do an assessment of your combination skin and see if it is more on the oily side, or more on the dry side. For oilier skin types then we recommended trying our award-winning Matt Formula Face Cream. It’s non-greasy so does not clog pores and instead contains gorgeous oils and actives that all skin types love. This includes baobab, argan and jojoba oil to nourish skin with vitamins and minerals, while the powers of pomegranate and hyaluronic acid leave a fresh, hydrated complexion. Kylie Minogue’s make-up artist and hair stylist Christian Vermaak loves this face cream and uses it under foundations.

For drier skin types then we suggest our stunning Active Dew Face Cream which is lovely for normal, dry and sensitive skin types; and it will not clog oily patches. It’s formulated with nourishing active components for skin recovery and long-lasting hydration. Hyaluronic acid works with pomegranate, baobab and argan oil to build strength, protect from stress and repair skin. It’s moisturising enough to deal with dry areas of skin, and even flakiness; but without being too rich or oily. Instead the face is hydrated, fresh, plumped and protected.

Both of Nakin’s natural anti-ageing face creams provide all day and night long hydration, nutrients and protection and are suitable for combination skin and sensitive skin. Making a decision will also be partly down to personal preference as those with slightly drier skin may still prefer our Matt Formula Face Cream if they like a matt look, or if the use many layers of products such as a rich foundation. If you prefer a dewy look then our Active Dew Face Cream will probably be best for you. The rest of the products in Nakin’s Anti-Ageing Skincare are all suitable for every skin type including oily, dry, normal and sensitive. This is because they are made with oils and extracts that are not too rich, or drying.

How to Best Look After Combination Skin 

Caring for combination skin requires a balanced approach that addresses both the oily and dry areas of the face. Start by using a gentle cleanser like ours that removes excess oil without stripping the skin's natural moisture. Follow up with a lightweight, non-comedogenic moisturiser that hydrates your skin without clogging pores. Incorporating exfoliation into your routine with our Rejuvenating Radiance Tonic can help manage dead skin cells, promoting an even skin tone and texture. Additionally, using products like ours that specifically cater for combination skin can significantly improve its overall health and appearance. Always remember to apply sunscreen with at least SPF 30 to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, which can exacerbate both oily and dry areas.

To find out more about Nakin’s range of award winning natural anti-ageing skincare visit us at www.nakinskincare.com Our products offer the best face care for beautiful glowing skin. Everything in the range is cruelty free and made in the UK.

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