Can You Use a Moisturiser as an Eye Cream?

Can You Use a Moisturiser as an Eye Cream?

One of the things that we hear about a lot at Nakin is using a moisturiser as an eye cream, and if this is ok. Every moisturiser and eye cream is different with a unique texture and ingredients list so when we answer this question we are making a generalisation, but we always feel that a separate eye cream is much better for the eye area than a normal face cream. This even includes our own natural moisturisers which we know contain lots of skin boosting ingredients and are never thick and heavy on the skin.

A good product like our Eye Cream Complex is specially developed for the eye area and this is why it has a light silky soft springy formula, so it never weighs skin down. Instead of being thick and heavy it contains amazing plant actives and extracts that are able to seep into the skin cells to work their magic reviving and rejuvenating the skin around the eyes.

The reason that the skin around the eyes benefits from a specially made eye cream is because it is thinner, drier and more delicate than the rest of the skin on the face. It is also susceptible to signs of ageing. So it needs a light consistency to be able to reach the skin cells effectively, plus so as not to drag and weigh the skin down, and it needs a really hydrating product to keep this area looking fresh and plump. This also needs to be the right sort of hydration to ensure that the eye cream does not seep into the actual eye. This is why we always recommend using our natural anti-ageing eye cream for this area, as it has a beautiful light but powerful formulation, which is packed with skin reviving actives - including a line smoothing plant peptide, plumping hyaluronic acid and intensely nourishing extracts and oils.

Using a moisturiser as an eye cream is not recommended because the skin around your eyes is delicate and requires special care. Eye creams are specifically formulated for the area around the eyes, with ingredients that help to reduce puffiness, fine lines and dark circles. Moisturisers, on the other hand, may contain irritating ingredients that can be too harsh for use around the eyes. Ingredients such as retinol or synthetic vitamin C can cause skin irritation and leave your skin feeling dry and irritated. Additionally, some moisturisers contain fragrances or dyes which should also be avoided due to their potential to irritate the sensitive skin around the eyes. For these reasons, it's best to choose an eye cream like ours that is specifically designed for this delicate area.

Our eye cream has lots of beneficial ingredients such as marine extracts that can help to reduce puffiness and dark circles, which moisturisers lack. In summary, it’s best to avoid using a regular moisturiser as an eye cream due to its thicker formulation and potential skin irritation. Instead choose an eye cream like ours that is specifically designed for this delicate area instead, as this will help to ensure that the skin around your eyes stays healthy and hydrated.

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