Can I Use a Face Cream for Oily Skin in Winter?

Can I Use a Face Cream for Oily Skin in Winter?

This is a question that we get asked a lot, as many customers with oily skin wonder if they need to switch to a richer face cream for the winter. The answer is absolutely not, you just need a really good moisturiser for oily skin that works all year round. Our Matt Formula Face Cream is a gorgeous face cream for oily skin that works every day to help keep skin looking its best. This is because it is packed with absolutely amazing plant ingredients.

Even the oiliest of skin will suffer more in winter, plus becomes drier and this comes from the environment that our skin is subject to. The air is cold and harsher with low humidity, plus we are often in centrally heated areas, and all of this dehydrates skin. But as long as your face cream has adequate hydration, nourishment and protection it will work to protect skin in the challenging winter months.

One of the ingredients that you should always find in a good moisturiser for oily skin, and any good face cream is hyaluronic acid. It works beautifully all year round and this includes in wintertime. It is especially lovely for oily skin as it is able to add intense moisture to dehydrated skin, but without any greasiness. It is a kind of invisible hydrator, which is exactly what oily skin needs. This is why we use it in our anti-ageing face cream for oily skin. Another of our favourite ingredients that you will always find in our face creams is jojoba oil. It is a beautiful oil which closely matches the natural sebum in our skin. It is intensely balancing, healing and nourishing but without clogging pores or being comedogenic, making it perfect for oily skin. It also contains other beautiful ingredients like pomegranate extract, argan and baobab oil.

Our natural face cream for oily skin is perfect for skin all year round and even in the coldest weather. This is because it is able to hydrate and protect skin from even harsh environments, but it does all of this without leaving skin greasy or clogged. It all comes from the high-quality ingredients that all skin types love. We never use cheap overly fatty ingredients like coconut and macadamia oil. We also keep our products free of parabens, dimethicone, mineral oil, PEGs and synthetic fragrance and colour, as we believe that these are not great for any skin type.

We hope that you found our article helpful about using moisturisers for oily skin in winter. At Nakin we pride ourselves on our stunning skincare that helps to improve skin with the power of plants. To find out more about us visit our website below and see why our face range is fast reaching cult status with skincare lovers. We have hundreds of verified customer reviews to read, which provide a deep insight into our products performance.

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