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Can Face Oil Replace a Moisturiser?

Can Face Oil Replace a Moisturiser?

While face oils do help with moisturising skin, they cannot hydrate in the same way that a proper face moisturiser can. Even the best face oil like our Nakin Revitalising Face Oil cannot effectively protect the skin barrier and shield the damaging effects of pollution and cold weather. Having said that a face oil can really help with the skin’s moisture requirements and especially if you have dry and sensitive skin, or conditions such as eczema. Our recommendation is to use a face oil and a face moisturiser together for the ultimate hydration and conditioning, as face oils have so many benefits for skin. So, while face oils can never fully replace a face cream moisturiser, they are an excellent addition to a face care routine for many reasons, as outlined below.

  • One of the best things about face oils is that the slippery consistency is able to slide into the skin cells, which allows the nutrients to condition them and provide a beautiful softness to skin.
  • Face oils are incredibly calming to skin. They work to improve general dry skin and can even dramatically help skin conditions such as eczema. Face oils can heal and transform even irritated and flaky patches. Every face oil on the market will differ though, so always check that it is a 100% natural face oil and seek medical advice before use if you have a skin condition.
  • Good natural face oils are packed with nutrition for the face and neck, and they can even be anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial. There are so many amazing plant oils available and at Nakin we use the very best as part of the special blend in our anti-ageing face oil. Most plant oils are lovely for skin, but we do recommend not using coconut oil on the face, it is full of nutrition but is extraordinarily rich. Another oil to avoid if you have dry skin is olive oil. Olive oil is fine as part of blend but can be drying to skin when used on its own. Our favourite plant oil ingredient has to be jojoba oil, as it is so lovely for skin and similar to our natural sebum.

As you can see face oils should not be used instead of a moisturiser, as while they have some overlap in their capabilities, they also offer separate benefits to the face and neck. Most good face creams will contain some plant oils, so skin will receive some of their benefits when moisturising. Using a face oil and face cream together is the best way to keep skin superbly hydrated and nourished, plus prevent trans epidermal water loss. Nakin have both as part of our award-winning natural skincare routine and our products can be found in the links below.

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