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Can Face Creams Help With Jowls?

Can Face Creams Help With Jowls?

At Nakin we get lots of queries asking if our award-winning anti-ageing skincare can get rid of jowls, so this prompted us to write a feature about it. Jowls are the area of our jaw line below the ears, and either side of the chin. You might not have thought about jowls much if you are young, as they tend to only appear as the years go by. When we are young, we have a very tight and toned jawline, but as the years go by this area below the cheeks and on the jawline is sadly more prone to collapsing, because of skin ageing and gravity. Jowls will show up differently for everyone, and it depends on lifestyle and genetics, plus the amount of fat that we have in the jaw area. Some of us are lucky not to have jowls, but for others the skin can kind of hang down naturally as we age, and the process is also speed up from sun damage.

Jowls, the sagging skin around the jawline, prove to be a stubborn issue primarily due to natural ageing processes. Over time, our skin loses collagen and elastin, the proteins responsible for maintaining its firmness and elasticity. Coupled with the downward pull of gravity, this decline results in the sagging appearance characteristic of jowls. Furthermore, other factors such as genetics, sun exposure, and lifestyle choices like smoking can accelerate this process, making jowls even more challenging to reverse without medical or cosmetic interventions.

How Face Creams Help to Improve Jowls

As we age, we produce less collagen and elastin which are the two protein structures that keep skin firm and bouncy, sun damage further speeds up this skin ageing process. We have to be completely honest and say that yes, our award-winning natural skincare does help with lines, sun damage and toning skin, but sadly it cannot remove jowls. Nakin’s face care will help to enhance skin in many ways, as the range contains high performing natural plant actives to smooth lines and help prevent and correct other signs of ageing. It is able to promote collagen and elastin production to strengthen skin. It is also kind to skin of all ages and does not contain and harsh ingredients like retinol and vitamin C. But as they are creams the products cannot extensively lift sagging skin, plus will not smooth lines to the extent that Botox and fillers can. Instead, it helps skin to look as good as it can naturally. Sadly, face creams along cannot lift jowls alone, although they will help to tone the face. The good news though is that when anti-ageing skincare products are combined with facial exercises, then the jowl area can be improved, toned, lifted and sculpted to some extent. Also, it’s important to start looking after your face and jowl area as soon as possible, do not wait until you start to see signs of ageing in that area.

As we age, we also lose weight in our face and so lose the youthful plump roundness in our face. So our face is thinner and the cheek bones seem higher. We also lose bone mass and bone density and all this loss in volume shows up as sagging and drooping in skin. The jowl area is especially affected because of gravity and it being at the lower part of the face. This loss in the volume and structure of skin causes sagging, and so the best face products like Nakin’s will tone it up and help to boost the elasticity and collagen levels. But in order to help correct jowls, this would need to be carried out alongside a facial exercise programme. In the same way we exercise our body to lift and tone our legs and arms, this can also be achieved with the face and jowl area.

Face Routine to Improve Jowls

So, let’s look at how the best natural skincare products mixed with exercise can improve jowls. Nakin have best natural products for anti-ageing skin concerns like lines and they also help with toning skin. Using Anti-Ageing Skincare Products is one of the best ways to help to improve skin topically. The most powerful product in the range that helps with jowls is our Performance Face Serum as it contains an array of plant actives to help boost and energise skin. Using the whole range together is the best way to keep skin as fresh and youthful as possible. Our Advanced Cleansing Milk gently cleans and removes make-up and we also have our foaming Rejuvenating Face Wash, and these are followed with our refreshing Purifying Face Toner or Exfoliating Radiance Tonic when required.. The Eye Cream Complex helps to smooth lines and revive even tired eyes.

For all round skin rejuvenation including the jowl area we recommend a very simple massage technique using the Revitalising Face Oil to help massage the jaw area. We recommend an easy technique that you can use morning and evening on the jowls and jaw area. Simply pinch the skin on each side all the way along the jaw from the chin to the ears and repeat for ten times both morning and evening, or anytime you get a chance. This wakes up and boosts circulation in the often-neglected jowl area, plus it releases tension in this area. We can also use a gentle pinching movement all over the face and neck to stimulate our whole facial area. We tend to carry a lot of tension in the jaw and this is an easy way to release this. There is a lot of other facial yoga movements that target the jaw area and many videos about this can be found on the web.

After your massage follow with a moisturiser. Our Matt Formula Face Cream is for oily, normal and sensitive skin and the Active Dew Face Cream is better for skin on the drier side. Both are really hydrating with masses of plant actives like pomegranate, cassia and hyaluronic acid. Finish your skin routine with our Lip Treatment Balm for natural soft plump lips. Using the full Nakin range together will provide deep long-lasting hydration and nutrients to give skin a fresh glowing natural look. The best results will be seen 1-3 months after starting this routine, when the baby cells mature and come to the surface of skin. Always remember to use a high-quality sunscreen whenever out in the sun, as sun damage is hugely ageing to skin and a big contributor to jowls.

Aesthetic Treatment for Jowls

At Nakin we also get asked if we recommend any aesthetic treatments to get rid of jowls. At Nakin we believe in helping skin look as best as it can naturally, and this is why we have developed the best natural skincare products that use high performing plant extracts to boost and improve skin. There are lots of aesthetic treatments available, but we believe in looking as good as we can naturally. Lots of people do however use aesthetic treatments and they can have immediate and noticeable effects.

These days there are lots of aesthetic treatments available for jowls, and many are not as invasive as a full-on face lift, or mini lift. You can have injectables and fillers to try to put volume and that pillowy cushioned look back into the face, and there are many other cosmetic treatments that can give good results without resulting to surgery. One is called Profhilo which is not a filler but a remodelling injectable to tighten skin. It stimulates collagen production to stop sagging. Another newer procedure called Ultherapy is a non-invasive treatment that reaches down to even the muscles, to encourage the production of our collagen and elastin production. Although we have heard that this is painful as the muscles are involved. At Nakin we only recommend using the natural methods of good skincare, lifestyle measures and facial exercises to improve hanging and sagging skin and jowls, as there is no risk of issues or problems with completely natural treatments.


So, in a nutshell, no face cream alone can work magic on sagging skin and loss of fat in the face and jowls in the jaw area. But the best skincare like Nakin’s will certainly keep skin looking as fresh and youthful as it can naturally. When combined with other practices such as exercise, facial toning movements and massage, we can help to keep our jowls looking as good as possible. Find out more about Nakin at www.nakinskincare.com Our full range is kind to skin, cruelty free and made in the UK.

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