Can Eye Creams Firm Skin?

Can Eye Creams Firm Skin?

There comes a point for most of us when the skin around the eyes starts to show signs of sagging and while this can be a natural part of the ageing process, most of us would like to reduce this as much as possible.

Our first point of call is usually a good eye cream like our Nakin Eye Cream Complex and while this will do wonders for hydrating, smoothing lines, improving skin tone and energising the skin around the eyes, we have to be honest and say that its ability to firm skin is limited. It does help to stimulate collagen production and so will help to give the eye area a subtle lift from the conditioning effects over time. But it will struggle to reduce obvious sagging. Never the less it is a fantastic natural eye product. While there are more synthetic alternatives and even cosmetic procedures to improve the skin around the eyes, at Nakin we believe in the power of plants to help skin look fresh and healthy, along with living a healthy lifestyle. This is why we developed our natural anti-ageing skincare and we love that it is kind to skin while still helping with signs of skin ageing.

The skin around the eyes is thinner and more delicate than other areas on the face, making it highly prone to sagging. There are multiple factors that contribute to sagging skin around the eyes, including natural ageing processes, sun exposure, lifestyle choices such as smoking or drinking alcohol, and genetics.

Loss of collagen and elastin in the upper layers of skin leads to a decrease in skins elasticity. As collagen levels decline with age, the skin's ability to retain its shape reduces, leaving eyes looking hollow and sunken. The breakdown of hyaluronic acid can also cause excess water loss leading to dehydration in this area and dehydrated skin can appear wrinkled and saggy.

Excessive exposure to UV rays degrades the skin's collagen fibres, leading to wrinkles. Additionally, smoking and consuming alcohol can cause dryness and puffiness around the eyes. Unhealthy lifestyle choices such as lack of sleep or not drinking enough water can also reduce elasticity in skin and make it more prone to sagging.

Genetics play an important role as well - people with larger eye sockets tend to experience earlier signs of ageing and sagging than those with smaller ones. Skin type also impacts how quickly sagging occurs; those with thin or delicate skin may notice signs of ageing sooner than those with thicker, oilier skin.

Overall, the combination of age-related changes, environmental factors, lifestyle habits, and genetics all contribute to the sagging of skin. So, the best way to reduce and correct sagging around the eyes is to keep the area protected from the sun, get enough sleep, eat healthily, exercise, stay hydrated and use good anti-ageing face products.

Creams on their own are unlikely to offer enough of a remedy for sagging skin, although they will help to improve the area and prevent further issues. Every cream is different, but they do tend to work better on other eye concerns such as dehydration and lines plus wrinkles.



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