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Calming Face Serum

Calming Face Serum

At Nakin we make all of our natural anti-ageing skincare to have a calming element because keeping skin relaxed and happy helps it to function the best that it can. There are so many cosmetic products out there that can be irritating to skin, but at Nakin we take a different approach with our plant powered skincare that is kind and nourishing to skin. One of our calming products is our Performance Face Serum which is a gorgeous facial treatment with lots of anti-ageing benefits, and one of these is calming stressed skin on the face and neck. It is filled with masses of natural ingredients that help skin to flourish and thrive plus hydrate and smooth away lines and wrinkles, and all without the need for harsh anti-agers like retinol. Read on to find out more about our special calming face serum.

Our calming face serum is a high-quality serum designed to reduce the appearance of skin redness, blemishes and irritation. The lightweight, non-greasy formula penetrates deep into the skin to provide powerful hydration and nourishment. Natural ingredients like hibiscus, green tea extract and plant oils work together to soothe and calm inflammation while providing nourishing moisture for healthy, glowing skin. With regular use, it helps restore balance and reduce visible signs of ageing for a radiant complexion.

For those looking for intensive care and repair, our Performance Face Serum offers the perfect solution. Our innovative formula contains a powerful combination of natural antioxidants to help protect skin from environmental damage while promoting cell regeneration and turnover. The potent blend of emollients helps lock in moisture, resulting in improved firmness and elasticity. It is also designed to help to heal and restore the skin barrier. When skin is irritated or stressed the skin barrier is impaired and this stops the skin from functioning optimally. Our serum works to repair any damage with the hydrating nutrient rich formula and after use skin immediately feels cared for and comforted. It also helps to reduce redness and gives a nice glow to the face and neck. Our lightweight, non-greasy formula penetrates deep into the skin to provide powerful hydration, nourishment and protection.

For best results, apply our serum twice daily after cleansing your face with a gentle cleanser such as those in Nakin’s selection. After applying the serum follow with our face oil and then moisturisers for healthy, happy, smooth skin. With regular use, your skin will be left looking youthful and radiant.

As part of a commitment to natural beauty, our product is free from synthetic fragrances and dyes, parabens and silicones - so you can trust that it's safe for all skin types. Whether you have dry, sensitive, or combination skin, our calming face serum is an excellent choice for a gentle yet effective skincare routine. Its blend of natural ingredients and antioxidants helps to deliver intense hydration while calming inflammation and reducing the appearance of redness for brighter, more glowing skin.

We hope that you can try our serum and the rest of our anti-ageing face product range, which has advanced skincare products that help to reduce signs of ageing and this includes combating redness and irritation.

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