The Best Non-Greasy Face Moisturiser

The Best Non-Greasy Face Moisturiser

When it comes to facial moisturisers there is a very distinct line between them delivering moisture and being greasy. Good non-greasy moisturisers are able to provide long lasting hydration as well as protection from trans epidermal water loss, but without being greasy and too oily. A greasy oily moisturiser is not going to benefit anyone, even those of us with the driest of skin types, as the greasy residue will sit on the surface of skin and make it look overly oily, which is never a good look.

Instead, when a moisturiser is well formulated with the right ingredients and consistency, it can sink into skin beautifully. At the same time giving long-lasting moisture and providing a gorgeous non-greasy finish to skin. This is exactly what we have achieved with our Matt Formula Face Cream for oily, normal, combination and sensitive skin.

There is a common misconception that those with oily skin should use an oil free face moisturiser. However, this is not correct as the right plant oils can have amazing effects for oily skin. Plant oils such as Jojoba oil are non-comedogenic and work for all skin types, it also helps to balance out oil production. This is why we use it in our anti-ageing moisturiser for oily skin. If you use an oil free moisturiser then your skin is missing out on the gorgeous healing nutrition that plant oils can bring to skin.

For people with oily skin then moisturising is still a really important part of your skin care routine. There are some myths that those with oily skin can skip a moisturiser to help to dry up the oiliness. It is true that you do have a little bit more natural oils in the skin, but oily skin can still experience dehydration and moisture loss. The other great things that the best natural moisturiser for oily skin will do is to nourish and condition and help to reduce skin irritation, by flooding the face with goodness and protecting it from the elements and daily stress. Instead, oilier skin types need a great non-greasy face moisturiser that hydrates and nourishes without overloading skin.

Our Matt Formula Face Cream is never heavy or greasy on skin and it is also a great oily skin moisturiser for sensitive skin as it does not contain any of the ingredients that many synthetic moisturisers contain such as niacinamide. Niacinamide can help to balance oil production, however, in our experience it can also cause sensitivity and stinging. Instead, Nakin’s face cream is packed with natural skin conditioning agents that condition skin deep down and help to improve the skin barrier function. The kind calming plant ingredients are helpful for redness and irritation. It is rich but light and delicately fragranced naturally. It is a no-nonsense cream that packs a punch with hydration and care, but without a greasy finish. The pure ingredients are formulated together to give an all-round superb facial moisturising experience.

The luxurious texture and consistency make it a joy to use and it is also vegan and animal friendly, making it the best cruelty free face moisturiser for oily skin. It absorbs beautifully but is also long-lasting and is perfect for use in the morning and evening for continuous skin protection. It is no wonder that it has won so many awards and the purse friendly price make it within reach of everyone.

As you can see if you have oily skin then using a good face moisturiser that is right is essential. The other important thing to remember is to stay away from harsh oil stripping products like face washes, which can drive more oil production and so may actually make oiliness appear worse and be more noticeable. At Nakin all of our face products are designed to be kind to all skin types and give skin the love and care it deserves. See our full range on our website.

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