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Best Face Products for Sensitive Menopausal Skin

Best Face Products for Sensitive Menopausal Skin

It is normal for our skin to become more sensitive as we get older, and especially around the time of menopause. If this is you, then hopefully we can help with Nakin’s Natural Anti-Ageing Skincare range. At Nakin our natural range is different from lots of conventional skincare as we have a very strict ingredients policy. We believe in treating skin with respect with high quality plant ingredients that help to nourish sensitive skin, instead of working against it by causing irritation. All skin deserves to have kind products that help it to look its best before, during and after menopause.

Why Skin Becomes Sensitive in Menopause

As women approach menopause, our bodies experience a decline in oestrogen production. This decrease can have various effects on the body, including changes to the skin. Oestrogen plays a crucial role in maintaining skin health by stimulating collagen production and promoting moisture retention. When oestrogen levels decrease, the skin's ability to function properly is affected, leading to sensitivity and other skin issues.

Face Products for Sensitive Menopausal Skin

Everything in our range is made with sensitive skin in mind, plus the plant actives and extracts are lovely for menopausal skin. One product that we would definitely recommend is our Revitalising Face Oil as it is hydrating and nourishing, plus healing and calming. If you are looking for a full routine, then you could try the products below. Please carry out a patch test of the products before using them fully, as with any new product.

  • Begin your routine with our Advanced Cleansing Milk which is an oil-based cleanser that cleanses the face while hydrating and comforting at the same time with the hyaluronic acid and the plant cleansing and conditioning extracts.
  • Use our Eye Cream Complex for the eye area which is hydrating, line smoothing and energising from its plant peptide, hyaluronic acid and stimulating plant and marine extracts.
  • Then use our Revitalising Face Oil for your face and neck. The oil is rich and nutritious without being greasy. It helps to heal the skin barrier and immediately calms skin and leaves a lovely glow, plus is great at helping with stressed skin issues like dryness or sensitivity.
  • Seal all the goodness in with our Active Dew Face Cream which hydrates, nourishes and protects the skin with hyaluronic acid, cassia, pomegranate and plant oils. This is for day and night use. It does not contain SPF, which should be applied before going outside and topped up as required.
  • Everything in the range can be found here.

The Effectiveness of High-Quality Products

In addition to using natural ingredients, it is essential to use high-quality skincare products like Nakin's during menopause. These products are formulated with superior ingredients and are kind to skin at the same time.

High-quality products have lots of skin boosting ingredients in them, making them more potent and delivering better results. This is especially beneficial for sensitive skin, as it minimises the need for multiple products and reduces the risk of irritation from using too many different products.

The Importance of Ethical Aspects

Not only do natural and high-quality ingredients benefit the skin, but they also have ethical implications. By choosing products made with sustainable and cruelty-free ingredients, we can support environmentally friendly practices and animal welfare.

Moreover, using products made with ethically sourced ingredients avoids harmful chemicals and supports fair trade practices. This aligns with the values of many of us who are often more conscious and mindful consumers.

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