Benefits of Face Serum

Benefits of Face Serum

A good face serum has numerous benefits to skin for preventing and correcting skin issues such as lines, pigmentation, dullness and uneven skin tone. Face serums should be part of an everyday beauty routine, and for many of us they are. They are loved by skincare lovers everywhere, as they deliver powerful active ingredients to the deeper layers of skin due to their thinner consistency and higher level of actives than a normal face cream. They do not replace a face cream but instead work with a face cream to offer the best care for skin. A face serum is used after cleansing and before applying moisturiser. This allows it to reach fresher skin cells and then when a moisturiser is applied afterwards it further hydrates and nourishes, plus seals in all of the goodness of the serum, and protects skin. At Nakin we have an amazing natural face serum which is anti-ageing but kind to skin at the same time, and this is our Performance Face Serum.

We recommend spending a lot of time researching a serum before purchasing one, and in particular to make sure that the ingredients are kind to skin. Every serum is different and not all of them will have lots of benefits for the face and neck, so to some extent this feature we have written is a generalisation, and assumes that a good serum is being used. Read on to find out more about the benefits of a face serum, and if you should be using one.

The Key Benefits of a Face Serum

  • They are made of small molecules, so can reach more deeper layers of skin than a face cream
  • The contain highly active concentrated ingredients to correct and enhance skin
  • They are light and can still be used with make-up and face creams

The Science of Face Serum Benefits

Face Serums are beneficial if you want to target specific skin problems that go beyond the everyday properties of a face cream moisturiser, which is to hydrate, nourish and defend. A serum is usually designed to offer far more anti-ageing benefits than a face cream can. Serums are designed to take a collection of concentrated active skincare ingredients and push them into the lower layer of the skin. That’s why serums are not as thick as face creams, and this allows them to reach the deeper lower surfaces through the epidermis and dermis. The best way to explain the benefits of a face serum is to look at the natural biological cycle of our skin. Around every 28 days we create new skin cells, so the aim of the serum is to feed the new ones being produced at the very depths of our skin surface. They are at the deepest level of skin and a serum feeds them when the first appear. This means that when they come to the surface, although they are dead, they will have had 28 days of nourishment from the serum application, and therefore be in much better condition than had a serum not been used. This is why although you will see the affect straight away, it can take one to three months to see the full benefit of a serum. After 30 days of using a serum you should start to see those long-term skin problems begin to improve more dramatically.

Serums have all sorts of uses and can target very specific skin issues. At Nakin our natural anti-ageing face serum is specially designed to target a whole host of skin issues including skin ageing prevention, dullness, lines and wrinkles, sun damage, age spots, pollution damage and an uneven skin tone. Our face serum is brilliant for natural anti-ageing and age prevention, so is suitable for all ages. As we get older sometimes some of the support and scaffolding to our skin starts to weaken. This begins to happen at around age 25, although it is a slow process. It means that there will be some collagen breakdown, and so our Nakin Performance Face Serum is designed to also send lift and bounce back into the skin. This is through boosting the skin cells, something that a face serum is very good at doing. There are many serums available that just focus on one skin complaint, such as strengthening stressed or fragile skin, calming irritated skin, clearing congested skin or assisting with acne scarring. We know that many of our customers love our Nakin Performance Face Serum because it is effective, natural and also multi-purpose. You just need one serum for your face and neck needs to know that all bases are covered, instead of requiring a multitude of products. Our serum is a natural product and so also has natural results, however, because it is free of the strong ingredients found in many serums like retinol and synthetic vitamin C, it offers a more kinder holistic approach.

How A Face Serum Works

A face serum works by targeting the deeper skin cells, the special light formula helps skin correcting actives to reach below the epidermal skin surface, and the dermis to lower levels of skin. One of the overwhelming questions that people ask about is how a face serum works, and why a moisturiser is not enough on its own. It's a very popular product at the moment, and it's a very popular topic too. So, here is the information to explain how a face serum actually works.

Serums have the characteristic of allowing fast absorption of products into the skin and are able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. The key to their success is that they are made of smaller molecules that can penetrate deeply into the skin, through the epidermis and dermis to reach the new skin cells.

Serums generally contain highly active special skin ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Retinol and Vitamin C. They work by helping with all sorts of issues. This includes skin brightening from the powerful oxidants and these also protect skin against environmental factors, free radical damage, ageing, pigmentation, lines and wrinkles. A serum works mainly as an age control concentrate, so it helps fight skin complaints with the science backed active agents’ and is effective for issues such as wrinkles, lack of firmness in your skin, lack of radiance, enlarged pores and patchy skin tones. A good serum will contain a mass of plant extracts which can be seen on the ingredients list, like our phenomenal natural anti-ageing face serum. It should also be a natural product as this works in harmony with skin, and not against it like some conventional products with synthetic skin improvers. Nature should be at the forefront of every beauty product – this is for our skin’s sake and also for the environment.

Do I Need a Face Serum?

At Nakin we are passionate about people having good skin at every age. Using a face serum will help prevent skin issues that happen as the years go by, so we recommend that most people start using a serum by the age of 25. We are going to describe a face serum as bliss in a bottle, skin care junkies around the world have been using serums for some time. The way our skin looks is important for many of us, and some of us even feel a pressure to look good because of our work, age or just because we are passionate about appearance. So, let’s educate ourselves on why we need a face serum in our lives. Think of a face serum as an ally in a quest to gorgeous skin. Every face serum you can buy is designed to improve skin. Our Nakin Performance Face Serum is what we believe to be the best anti-ageing face serum available in the UK, it’s like a little bottle of turning back time for the skin. Using it should bring a huge difference to lines, dullness, texture and skin tone. Skin will not look as dull when you wake up in the morning and instead be glowy and radiant. The great thing about our natural face serum is that it is great for women of all ages as it works to resist signs of ageing, as well as to repair skin from past damage for more mature skin. Past damage occurs as we age, or it might be from aggressors in the environment, lack of sleep, or diet and lifestyle choices. For most people life is always on the go and busy with work, parenting and other commitments. So, having a good serum activated with natural active ingredients in your bedroom or bathroom, is like a ‘go to’ to boost your skin whatever you are throwing at it.

Which Face Serum Should I Use?

This is going to depend on a variety of factors. If your skin is perfect but you just have one big issue, you might want to look around for a serum that specifically targets this problem. For most of us we have a multitude of skin issues, or want to help stop these occurring in the future. Therefore, we recommend our multi-purpose Performance Face Serum which we believe is the best face serum in the UK. It’s affordable at £25, which is amazing value for the extracts that it contains. The ingredients include a mass of skin loving content like Seaweed, Hibiscus, Pomegranate and Hyaluronic Acid to name a few. Therefore, it works on pretty much every skin issue. It’s a luxury product that works as an age control concentrate by giving potent plant-derived extracts to skin, neck and décolletage. Think that wonderful look of youthfulness and ageless beauty.

Our Nakin Performance Face Serum is perfect to use on all skin types, and at every time of the year. It helps to banish the uneven skin tone that most of us get in the cold and hotter months. It also helps with lines, wrinkles, dullness and dryness and is great if you like to go make-up free. The kind plant ingredients are suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types. It’s like beauty in a bottle and every pump is a real treat for skin. You should start seeing results as soon as the product is applied, plus this continues with usage over days, weeks and months. Most customers notice that when they apply our Performance Face Serum their skin feels calmer, hydrated and lines are eased.

Where Does Face Serum Fit in a Skin Routine

You might have asked yourself where in your anti-ageing skincare routine should you use a serum. Well due to a serums ultra-special ability to reach skin cells deeper down than other products, it should be the first product that goes on after cleansing the skin. So, cleanse with a natural cleansing milk, followed by a natural face toner. This will not only clean skin beautifully, but also prepare it for the serum application. By cleansing skin well and removing dead skin cells it means that skin looks beautiful and healthy, but also it does not block the serum from reaching as low down in skin as possible. A good serum like our anti-ageing face serum will be light and feel like it is melting into skin. They are designed to have layers on them, so multiple products can be used afterwards. Apply our natural face serum for superb skin recovery and a blissful experience that you skin will fall in love with.  Our Performance Face Serum works in a multitude of ways. Think a hydrating, plumping, texturising serum with a concentrated plant skin recovery formula. It’s a natural face serum for repair and also a touch hydrating, but amazingly lightweight. The skin product second on the list after using a face serum is an eye cream like our anti-ageing eye cream. This is like a serum for the eye and is applied as all eye care products are, patting it gently around the eye contour. The combination of the serum and eye cream gives skin a powerful age prevention and age erasing treat. The potent plant actives include skin smoothing Hibiscus that works to minimise lines and wrinkles and dramatically improve skin tone. Try 1 to 2 tiny pumps of the face serum, and a small amount of eye cream depending on preference. After eye cream comes face oil and our 100% natural face oil is something special. Pure radiance is delivered to skin from the sublime natural oils. Apply 1 or 2 tiny pumps and massage over the face and neck, or if preferred try spreading the oil onto palms and gently pressing the palms and fingers into the face, in a relaxed movement. Follow the face oil with a beautiful Nakin Face Cream, we have our anti-ageing cream for oily skin or our anti-ageing cream for dry skin. Follow this routine morning and evening for the best results. Let Nakin Skincare guide you to beautiful skin throughout the day and night.

To find out more about Nakin and our luxury eco range of anti-ageing skincare then visit us at www.nakinskincare.com The range will have your complexion looking fabulous with the natural brightening uplifting formulas.  Our award-winning face care is all made in the UK and cruelty free and so it is an ethical choice too. Our serum also works with other ranges if this is suited to you.

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