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Beauty Trends

Beauty Trends

If you fancy a little inspiration for Autumn Winter, then look no further than this pick of our five favourite beauty trends for the season. This article was first written a few years ago but when looking at it we can see these beauty trends are still applicable today. Especially if you like them. This is one of the current key trends, go with whatever look that you like, and whatever look makes you most happy. This is why we love the fashion trends at the moment. There are so many different looks, and something for everyone, plus something for all ages, shapes and sizes. When we go with the beauty and clothes trends that we love it lets our individualism shine through and allows us to be our most authentic self. This is always when we will be at our happiest.

Read on to see some of the beauty trend ideas and think about how they might work for you. If they don't then go with whatever beauty look you enjoy, and there is so much inspiration on Instagram. One of the fashion trends that we always love during autumn and winter is cosy pretty jumpers and jeans. It's a fail safe look for everyone and will keep us looking on trend, smart and warm. A good coat will also always be in fashion, whether it is a cosy puffer jacket, or a wool one, they work with most outfits and take away the cold. This means that we are more likely to step outside and get active. Being active has to be one of the number one lifestyle trends these days, as we all know how good it is for us.

Laid Back Hair

The proof was in the pudding for this trend at the top designer shows including Vivienne Westwood, Isabel Marant and Chloé. We absolutely love it for two reasons. Firstly it looks gorgeous, and secondly it is super easy to achieve and can work for all hair styles. Achieve the look by using straighteners to create bends into the hair about every 5cm from the root, and continuing down to the ends of the hair, but leaving the ends of the hair bend free. Then give hair a shake to and brush down using the fingers. It has a slight messy finish and of course always just adapt the style as required to suit the look that you love.

Dressed Minimalism

This is a grown up sophisticated version of the natural make-up look. As lovers of natural beauty this is a trend that we can always get on board with, and it keeps the use of make-up products to a bare minimum. A no make-up look is something that we always go for where possible, to give our skin freedom and let it breathe. The essential foundation for this is beautiful glowing skin, which is something that Nakin can help out on, with our high performance natural skincare. Take a look at our range which includes natural anti-ageing skincare, which has been formulated to be the best skincare products available due to the special active formulations that offer highly effective face care. Being natural they are all kind to even the fussiest skin and the range includes all you need for a gorgeous fuss free face routine.

Once skin is looking as fabulous as it can without make-up, it then just needs a few simply measure to give it that perfect classy look. Achieve this by firstly sorting the brows out, which are the essence to this trend. For this we always recommend seeing a professional, as brows can enhance our look dramatically as they shape the face. Try to ensure the shape is as perfect as it can be, remembering brows are like sisters and not twins. Once the shape is working well there may be some eye brow trimming required, to help achieve the neatness that embeds this look. Lastly for the brows, if required, neatly fill any areas that might need it with an eye brow pencil. The next step is to use an eye lash curler for gorgeous eye enhancement without the need for product. Finally add just a touch of lip product. We recommend our luxury natural lip balm which does not require a lot and although it’s amazingly hydrating and conditioning, it is not overly greasy. It was Lanvin, Isabel Marant and Max Mara that showed this stunning preened look so look to them for inspiration.

Think Pink

Pink is in, and in a big way this season. It’s not just fashion and interiors that are seeing this, as it has translated across make-up too. Pinks around now are so much more sophisticated and arty than the cerise and baby pinks of the past. There’s a colour for everyone, depending on your own personal taste and style. As a guide to what pink suits you we suggest that warm skin tones suit peachy pinks, and cool skin tones suit rosy pinks. The catwalk shows by Simon Rocha, Bora Aksu and Altuzarra displayed some of the prettiest pinks imaginable to lips and cheeks, but also to eyes. The mild natural application gave an inspiring soft feminine look and feel. 

Glossy straight hair

The big and bouncy blow dry may have had it’s day, as the catwalk showed a huge nod to the nineties with the healthy straight hair look . Don’t worry if you have wavy or curly hair as this is just one trend for the season, and it was not the poke straight look of the past. It’s not showing the dominance that straight hair had in the nineties. The look was especially seen at Topshop Unique, with stunning long straight hair and centre partings. Other designers like Oscar De La Renta went for a similar straight glossy look but a sleeked back pony tail version.

There’s all sort of products you can buy to help get that sleek glossy look, and the right natural shampoo and conditioner can really help. Always opt for products that are Sulphate, Silicon and Paraben free. Lots of people love glossing styling products for a little enhancement in this area, but why not try to get the gloss from the inside by feeding hair with the right nutrients. There’s lots of easily available food that is packed with hair loving nutrients. Try oily fish, shell fish, eggs, lean meat, nuts, seeds, brown rice, Sweet Potatoe, Spinach, bananas, Kiwi fruit and Greek yoghurt. This helps to nourish hair and the great news is that these foods also assist our health in all sorts of ways, and they get skin glowing too.

The Smudge

This look is like a natural subtle take on the smoky eye that has dominated for so long. We love it because it’s so subtle and also super easy to do. Erin Featherston used this look with just a touch smudgy liner above and below the top and bottom lashes, along with mascara. Our natural eye cream is the perfect base under make-up as it leaves skin looking healthy, hydrated and smooth. We also loved Mini Trans version of the subtle smoky eye that worked with grey and matt beige colours plus a touch of cream coloured gleam on the eyes, for a soft dreamy make-up look.

The above are just a few of our favourite beauty trends for this season. The lovely thing about the Autumn Winter looks was that there were so many gorgeous variations, which make it easy to look however we want to and whatever way we like.

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