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Beauty & Fashion Trends

Beauty & Fashion Trends

The nice thing about a New Year, is the excitement of the next seasons fashion, and the new looks that are about to be seen. This year there is a real mix of trends coming through, with lots of evolution and tweaks to past season looks, and to years gone by. The big colours that we are loving are Coral (pantone shade of the year), sage green and yellow, as well as neutral shades and prints.

Each year there are always new trends plus old trends freshened up and adapted, but the main thing is to have a look that we are happy with. One of the best things about the year is the rise social media and influencers. We love all the fashion and beauty influencers that are around to give us excellent advice and ideas, plus share their valuable knowledge on fashion and beauty.

Whatever year that we are in, we all know that good skincare like Nakin's is always in fashion. The trend of looking after our skin with effective cleansing and treatments is one that seems to grow each year, and it is no surprise as we all love our skin to look as good as it can. The trend is definitely around self-care and using skincare that has high performing ingredients, like our natural range.

It’s the year of diversity in colour, as well as prints, and there is a definite sophistication about it all. Beige is big this year as it is every year, well it does happen to suit everyone. It also has an array of soft relaxing shades such as ivory, chalky white, delicate blush, oatmeal and other floaty dreamy hues. Animal prints are also very dominant, and it’s not just leopard. Leopard was seen in a big way, particularly by Calvin Klein, and Leopard prints have had a bit of a freshen up. This year we also see snake and zebra added to the mix, and we particularly like the zebra look. What’s changed is the elegance of the clothes, think fitted tops and beautifully cut midi skirts. Outfits seem to be a little closer fitting, and tailoring gets a relaxed slant. Skirt lengths on the whole are a beautiful flattering long length. Fringing and tassels are around to stay, and crochet is still hot.

The catwalk carried some of the brighter colours through to their make-up looks. Think bright blue, green and pink eye liner, or for more impact apply to the inner and outer eye lids. It’s a good idea to keep the eye shadow away from the hood, and wing it out plus bring a dab to the inner corner, as desired. This will look nice whatever your eye shape; almond, monolid or hooded. Lips will make a statement, but it will be a softer one. Try colours like red, or be understated if you prefer. If you like the later then just use a lip balm like our Nakin Natural Anti-Ageing Lip Treatment Balm. This is perfect to make lips look soft, fab and plumped - or mix it with colour, for a touch of a pop.

The 1980’s influences some styles, Chanel adorned models with shoulder pads, large chain accessories, and logo embellished attire. Neon is in, and headbands will be seen in a big way, as well as hair clips; especially sparkly ones. Bows will be everywhere and will be big, small and delicate. Bows will be used to decorate looks in jewelry, hair, belts and fastenings. We love the delicate bow tied into the pony tails on the Cecile Bahnsen show, so simple and easy to create. Take some metallic thin ribbon, or stretchy present wrapping string and simply tie it in a bow around a low pony tail. That’s quite a delicate look, when accessories in general will be quite big, such as big earrings and belts. Saying that though, the small bag makes a welcome come back.

Metallic is still big, a touch of sparkle will liven up and glamorise any look. Add some to your outfit with a touch of glitter, metallic shoes, headbands and belts. Marc Jacobs used shiny metallic materials in his show. If glitter all seems a bit too much, and you prefer a glossy fresh look, then try our Revitalising Face Oil. It naturally conditions skin beautifully with a delicate sheen. It can be used all over the face and neck, or blend small amounts into the upper cheek bones, cupids bow and centre of the nose. Her magazine has reported that searches for glossy make-up on Pinterest are up a whopping 89%.

Glamour magazine notes that the Japanese softened make-up trend is making its way over here. This moves away from strongly drawn on lipstick and brows, and it’s much dreamier. We totally love Tom Ford’s make-up look in his Spring show, which featured an updated version of the smoky eye. His show was 70’s and 80’s inspired and the smoky eye was highly blended, with no harsh lines, just beautiful eyes. We recommend using a butter soft pencil for this look, and to blend with an uber soft small blending brush. Black is stunning, but grey and brown can be a little easier to work with, with a subtler look.

The no make-up make-up look is often seen in New York shows, but the New York shows had definite pops of colour on lips or eyes, and sometimes both. But the look was still about the natural complexion, sometimes with just a bit of blush. So, great healthy looking skin is essential. Nakin can help with the good skin aspect, with our range of stunning natural anti-ageing face care products. Soft, smooth, healthy skin is always in fashion, and this season the just come out of the beauty salon look is big. At Nakin we could not be more pleased that the natural skincare look is in fashion, as that’s what we are all about. We love natural, and we also love super effective, that’s why we have developed our range to offer the best skincare products available. Try our Advanced Cleansing Milk for clear sparkling skin, and our Purifying Face Toner to detox away impurities. Follow with our Eye Cream Complex to banish fine lines, dark circles and puffiness, and our Performance Face Serum to help repair past damage. Finish off with either the Matt Formula Face Cream for oily/ normal skin or our Active Dew Face Cream for dry/ normal skin. The range is made with some of nature’s most powerful natural ingredients, such as Hyaluronic Acid and Seaweed extract, to get the ultimate boost for skin from natural skincare. All made in the UK and cruelty free.

The No. 1 trend that we work to and are behind, is to wear what you love and feel comfortable, confident and happy in. Plus, style and accessorise it however you like. There’s a real mix of styles around, and pretty much anything goes. So if you like it, wear it. With so many different looks to choose from, there is something for everyone, and we have just picked a few of our favourites to talk about. These days’ new trends can start almost overnight with the rise of influencers, and speed of social media channels like Instagram, so who knows what could happen during the year.

We hope that you have found our feature useful. We love discussing fashion and beauty trends and have enjoyed sharing them with you. For more information on beauty trends as well as lots of amazing advice, then take a look at our our blog online.

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