Balm for Very Dry Lips

Balm for Very Dry Lips

Dry lips are a common problem but some of us suffer with them more than others. If your lips are very dry then we have a fantastic natural lip product which helps to heal, hydrate and revive them back to health. This is our Nakin Lip Treatment Balm and it is packed full of healing nourishing plant butters and oils that contain a wealth of vitamins, minerals and omega oils, for a gorgeous little pot of hydrating goodness. Continue reading to find out why it is so beneficial for dry lips.

Our Lip Treatment Balm is enriched with natural, vegetarian ingredients to help soothe and nourish very dry lips. Our formula contains castor seed oil and shea butter which are two intensely moisturising plant extracts, that are also easily absorbed by the lips. These butters are combined with other natural oils including argan and baobab which provide deep hydration to keep lips feeling soft, smooth and comfortable. We have also added Vitamin E to protect lips from environmental damage as well as marigold for additional nourishment.

This luxurious treatment balm will help to gently soften, restore and revitalise your lips and leave them feeling softer than ever before. Try it today by ordering our anti-ageing face products online and you will not be disappointed. As soon as it is applied to lips they feel instantly cared for and hydrated, and this continues with regular use. To get the best results, apply our Lip Treatment Balm directly to clean lips in the morning and evening and as required throughout the day, this will allow it to provide the lasting hydration and protection it offers. With regular use, you can maintain well-nourished and healthy-looking lips for longer.

Many of our customers absolutely love our dry skin lip balm as it really is a special product. As well as being so beneficial for dry lips it is also 100% natural and cruelty free registered. The 100% natural ingredients are what gives it such amazing hydrating and healing properties. Get ready for softer, smoother lips with Nakin and your lips will thank you.

You can also use Nakin's Lip Treatment Balm as a make-up base to help smooth, nourish and protect your lips before applying lip colour. It is the perfect accessory for any makeup routine as dry lips under lipstick is not always the best look. So, start pampering your lips with our hydrating lip balm. With its luxurious formula, it will become your go-to product for softer, smoother and healthier looking lips.

Very dry lips can be an uncomfortable and inconvenient problem for many of us. If you are dealing with this issue, it's important to find the right balm to help nourish your skin and bring relief. Many conventional lip balms provide dry lip relief for a very short amount of time, and are often filled with petrolatum. At Nakin we use the best ingredients that specifically help very dry lips, but without being greasy. Our balm is made with high-quality natural ingredients which are known for their hydrating properties. We also include Vitamin E to help restore moisture and lots of other oils to soothe any irritation or inflammation.

This is just one of Nakin’s hydrating natural skincare range and you can find out more about us online.

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