At Home Facial Steps

At Home Facial Steps

We all deserve a facial every now and again. Not only is it the perfect ‘me time’ activity, it also gives your skin a boost with intensive nourishment and cleansing. These days just booking a facial can be confusing as there is so many different types available, with anything from cryo facials to exotic gold facials. The cost can also be enormous and while we know that having a professional experience is always best, we can get the next best thing which is an at home facial. Carrying out a traditional facial in the comfort of your own home can be just as rewarding for your skin. Add to this that many of the best beauty therapists are booked up months in advance. So, the answer is to have a Diy home facial. It’s cheaper and more bespoke than those at a spa, and as long as you use The Best Natural Skincare like Nakin’s anti-ageing range your skin will benefit from a concentrated skin-reviving session. An at home facial also means that we can spend more money on using good face products like Nakins, which can then be part of our routine for a while afterwards. At home facials will clear things out, perk things up and give an extra boost to your skin.

Home Facial Steps

Most facialists recommend having a facial every 4 weeks, so put some time aside to give your skin an at home facial session. The longer that you spend on your skin the better, but it can be as little as half-an-hour. Your skin will benefit in many ways and they especially help with congestion, lines, dullness, dark circles and sagging skin. Follow the steps below for fresh, baby soft rejuvenated skin.

  1. Prepare for the at home facial by tying hair back and cleaning hands thoroughly. We will use our hands and fingers for most of the facial, as the warmth they provide helps to incorporate products into the skin. Our fingers are also excellent facial tools as they can be extremely precise, and we can adapt the pressure of them according to the needs of different areas of our skin.
  2. The start of every skin facial regime will be to remove makeup and cleanse the face and neck. Give your skin a deep cleanse using our Anti-Ageing Advanced Cleansing Milk as it gently cleanses skin without stripping, all with the best natural plant extracts. Massage it into the skin and remove with a luke-warm cotton pad or cloth.
  3. Next use our Exfoliating Radiance Tonic to cleanse further and help with the renewal process. If you are not a fan of exfoliating then instead use the cleansing milk again on the face and neck, this time after applying the milk remove it with a luke-warm muslin cloth. Take a lot of time on this using small circular movements, and different clean areas of the cloth for every few centimetres of skin. Take care to also not miss out areas of the face, such as close to the ears and under the jaw. Exfoliating the skin will remove dead skin cells, so skin looks fresh and alive and can also better absorb the products applied in the next steps.
  4. After exfoliating skin it’s time to steam the face and neck, which will clear out debris deep down in the skin. Steam is one of the best ways to deep clean skin, and we love that it is free and completely natural. It opens your pores and cleanses beautifully, plus is especially helpful if you have a lot of blackheads. If you love steaming your face, then you can purchase a special facial steaming machine. Or alternatively just use boiling water in a bowl or saucepan and a towel. Let the water cool for a while after boiling and then place your face over the bowl with a towel over the head to keep the steam in. Take care not to burn the skin in any way.
  5. The next step is to tone the skin with an exceptional face toner made with powerful skin loving plant actives like Nakin’s Anti-Ageing Purifying Face Toner. Wiping this over the face with a clean pad will clear away the gunk that has come from the steaming process.
  6. Now that your pores are thoroughly clean it’s time to put back some goodness into the skin. Most facials can include a face mask. They are not essential as good face creams, serums and oils give skin more than enough nourishment. If you do like to use a face mask, then why not make a fresh one at home. Mix fresh avocado and strawberries with some acai and honey and apply to the face for 15 minutes before rinsing off. The nice thing about wearing a face mask is that it is a good excuse to take some time to relax. So now is the time to chill with a herbal tea and magazine.
  7. Then we need to start putting back all that goodness into skin that sometimes gets lost from stress, lack of sleep and the environment that we live in. Before applying treatments and face creams look at your skin and assess how it is feeling and looking today, and what products will be useful to it now. If you skin is dry then you might want to be more generous with the products, but if it is oily then make sure the products are suitable and you might want to go easier on the application. If skin is sensitive, then be really kind to it. Start with a face serum. The good news is that as face serums are light and easily absorbed into skin, they are mostly suitable for all skin types. Use a face serum like Nakin’s Anti-Ageing Face Serum as it is packed with an array of actives to target all sorts of skin concerns like lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, dullness and loss of tone. Applying powerful botanicals to the face, neck and upper chest helps with skin recovery and gives a nice smooth healthy glow.
  8. After serum comes the face oil.  Facial oils are perfect for calming and nourishing skin. Always use a 100% natural Anti-Ageing Face Oil like Nakin’s for a glowy illuminated look. This practice is the perfect time to carry out your own facial massage. Just use your fingers and massage the face and neck to get the blood flowing which will condition and de-puff skin. There are lots of affordable facial massaging gadgets around that are easy to use and give excellent results. Now is also a good time for any facial pilates and facial yoga methods that you follow.
  9. Next is eye cream time. There is nothing like an eye cream to revive us, even when we really feel tired and exhausted and having a long week. Use an eye product like Nakin’s Anti-Ageing Eye Cream will help with bags, dark circles, lines and wrinkles for soft hydrated skin. Always apply eye cream gently using the ring finger. Tap the product gently and all around the orbital bone so that you do not cause any damage to the delicate eye area.
  10. Now is the time to moisturise the face. The serums and oils target skin with recovery actives, but do not offer the long-lasting hydration and protection of a face cream. A moisturising face cream offers long lasting hydration and seals everything in with a protective layer. If you have more dry skin and like a dewy luscious look the try our Anti-Ageing Active Dew Face Cream. If you have oilier skin or prefer a more matt look or apply lots of make-up products, then our Anti-Ageing Matt Formula Face Cream will be better suited. Apply to face, neck and upper chest to hydrate, with the bonus of it them smelling really good too. Both of our moisturisers sink into skin and do not just sit on the surface leaving it feeling greasy, or with makeup slipping off.
  11. The last product step in this at home facial is to apply lip balm, as lips really benefit from some extra care. Let a lip balm like our Anti-Ageing Lip Balm work its magic with the natural oils and butters to hydrate, soothe, condition and protect lips.
  12. At the end of your at home facial take some time to relax and enjoy your soft, healthy glowing skin.

We hope that you enjoyed our easy at home facial steps. Please feel free to adapt our DIY facial to suit your specific skin type and requirements. If you are completely new to at home facials then it might be a good idea to book a professional one at a spa or beauty house, to get expert aesthetic dermatology advice. Once you have a basic understanding of how facials work then you will have the confidence to carry them out effectively at home. You might find that your skin purges a little after a facial, this is normal as skin has had a mini detox and is also partly because we tend to touch our baby soft skin after a facial, as it feels so lovely. Enjoy that amazing skin feeling that only a facial can provide.

Nakin are proud to help people with their at home skincare routines. To find out more about us and our ethical green skincare then visit us at www.nakinskincare.com Our cruelty free skincare contains everything that you need for a facial routine with cleansers, creams, lip, eye and face treatments. All our products are made in the UK and we deliver from our website around the world.

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