Are Spray Toners Better?

Are Spray Toners Better?

At Nakin we often get asked if we have a spray toner in our natural anti-ageing face products collection and the answer is no, as instead we have a traditional pour out and wipe toner, which is our Nakin Purifying Face Toner. This is for a very good reason, and we do not believe that spray toners are better when it comes to looking after your skin.

A spray toner can be good for convenience when you are out and about, and if your main skin requirement is hydration. But this is not the main job of a toner and so this is why we do not recommend them. A toner aims to double cleanse the face and neck, clearing away any impurities and grime that were not removed in the first cleanse. In order to do this the toner needs to be wiped over the face and neck with something like a cotton pad, and this is why we wipe away the impurities from the face and neck. Of course, good toners like ours have lots of other benefits for skin such as being balancing, hydrating and anti-ageing. But the main purpose is cleansing, and so spraying a toner onto the face will not achieve this.

As skincare enthusiasts, we all know the importance of using a toner in our skincare routine. Toners help to balance our skin, remove any remaining impurities, and prep the skin for the next steps in our routine. Traditionally, toners were poured onto a cotton pad and gently wiped over the skin. Recently, spray toners have become popular, claiming to offer a more convenient way to apply toner. However, the question remains - are they really better than traditional toners? In this post, we'll explore why spray toners are not better than traditional pour and wipe toners.

1. Uneven application

One issue with spray toners is that the spray can distribute unevenly, resulting in some areas of the face receiving more product than others. This can lead to wasted product and an uneven application, which may not provide the desired results. In contrast, traditional toners applied with a cotton pad ensure even distribution of the product, ensuring every area of the face is covered.

2. Wastage of product

Another issue with spray toners is that the spray may not be able to get every last drop of product from the bottle. This means that some product will inevitably be left behind and wasted. Additionally, as spray toners are applied directly onto the skin, there is a higher likelihood of using too much product, resulting in wastage. Using traditional toners with cotton pads ensures that you use only the required amount of product, and that no product is wasted.

3. Lack of cleansing ability

Many traditional toners contain cleansing agents that only remove dirt when wiped across the face. However, spray toners generally do not have this ability, or would require a large amount of product to be used in order to cover the face and neck enough to be wiped away. 

While spray toners may seem like a more convenient way to apply toner, they are not necessarily better than traditional pour and wipe toners. Traditional toners offer even distribution of product, minimal product wastage, prevent exposure to bacteria and are better at cleansing the face. Spray toners may have their place among other products in your skincare routine, but they are not the best option for toner application. So, stick with the traditional toner application method for well-balanced, healthy skin.

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