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Are Nakin’s Face Products Thick & Moisturising?

Are Nakin’s Face Products Thick & Moisturising?

One of the questions that we often receive at Nakin is about how thick and moisturising our products are. We think this comes from us being a small independent natural skincare brand, and so we wanted to write a feature explaining how our products offer excellent hydration and moisture to skin but without being overly thick.

At Nakin all of our products are hydrating but they are not overly thick as we never use fillers and thickeners to bulk out the products, instead they contain as much naturally active ingredients as possible. We also never use PEGs and silicones which give a moisturising feel to the face but have no actual beauty benefits. The products never feel greasy as rich fatty ingredients like coconut oil are also never used in the formulations as they are too rich for the face. So, our products might feel slightly different to some brands. But they do have lots of high-quality natural hydrators such as hyaluronic acid, high-quality plant oils, cassia and squalene which are not thick or oily.

At Nakin we sometimes receive emails saying that our products are not thick enough, or that they feel different to bigger luxurious brands. There is a reason for this and it is not that our products are a fraction of the price, it is actually because Nakin’s anti-ageing face products help skin to flourish and thrive with amazing natural ingredients, and we are very strict on the ingredients that we allow in the range. This means that we use some different ingredients to some of the bigger natural brands, so you might find they feel and smell differently. As we said we do not use ingredients like silicones and PEGs that give a moisturising cocooning feel to skin but do not have any actual beauty benefits. Instead, we prefer to fill our products with plant ingredients that benefit skin. We also use less fragrance as we feel it can be sensitising, plus where we do use fragrance it is always natural.

Nakin's face products are specifically designed to deliver effective hydration, while also providing a luxurious feel. Our natural ingredients work together to lock moisture into the skin, helping to keep it looking soft and supple throughout the day. Our lightweight formulations ensure that the skin never feels weighed down or greasy after application. We use rich emollients like plant oils in our formulas to provide long-lasting nourishment that deeply moisturises the skin. Every ingredient that we use is there to enhance the performance and experience of our product. So, if you're looking for clear, smooth and supple skin give Nakin's face range a try.

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