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Alternative to the Caudalie Vinoperfect Serum

Alternative to the Caudalie Vinoperfect Serum

At Nakin we have received messages from customers asking if we have an alternative to the Caudalie Vinoperfect Serum. The good news is that we do and it is our Nakin Performance Face Serum. It is a lovely serum if you are looking for all round skin rejuvenation including line easing and prevention, hydration and radiance, plus helping to improve dark spots. Find out more about it below.

There are so many similarities between the two serums. They are both natural face products that are designed to be kind to all skin types, plus they both use the power of plants to help improve skin on the face and neck. They are also designed for daily use in both the morning and evening, after cleansing.

We should say though that although there are many similarities between the Caudalie Vinoperfect Serum and the Nakin Performance Face Serum, there is some difference in their actions. At Nakin our serum is designed to help with a range of different anti-ageing skin concerns, whereas the Caudalie Serum is mostly focused on helping with dark spots from the sun, acne, melasma and from general skin ageing. It also helps with hydration with the squalane in the formula. So, if you are just looking for those skin benefits then then our natural anti-ageing serum may not be the best option. Most of our customers love our multi-purpose approach with our face products and this is why we fill each of our face care products with as much skin boosting plant ingredients as possible. Another significant difference is the price as our Nakin serum is £28 for 50ml and the Caudalie serum is £50 for 30ml, so more than three times the price when you take into account the difference in size.

Our Nakin Performance Face Serum works to provide skin with a rejuvenating boost and it leaves skin feeling healthy, soft and supple. It includes the ingredients listed below along with an explanation of their benefits to the face and neck.

  • A powerful natural peptide extracted from hibiscus which helps to ease and minimise lines and wrinkles all over the face including forehead lines, frown lines, laughter lines and cheek wrinkles.
  • The superbly hydrating hyaluronic acid which dramatically increases the moisture levels in skin and helps to give a beautiful plumpness to the face.
  • Nutrient rich pomegranate and seaweed that contribute to giving the face and neck a conditioning boost, which helps to prevent and repair signs of ageing. 
  • Anti-redness green tea which helps with any stressed areas of the complexion with the healing polyphenols that have numerous benefits for skin.
  • A unique blend of plant oils to deliver antioxidants that help to calm inflammation and free radical damage. Plus deliver omegas to heal and strengthen the skin barrier.

Our Performance Face Serum is a lovely face product with a silky soft lotion like consistency. It is an award-winning product and is loved by customers, as can be seen by the many five star reviews that it has received.

We hope that you have found this feature helpful. If you are looking for an alternative to the Caudalie Vinoperfect Serum then Nakin’s Performance Face Serum makes a lovely choice. It is made in the UK and is vegan plus cruelty free. To find out more about Nakin and our high-performance natural skincare then take a look online at www.nakinskincare.com

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