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Alternative to REN Keep Young and Beautiful Firm & Lift Eye Cream

Alternative to REN Keep Young and Beautiful Firm & Lift Eye Cream

At Nakin we always hear from customers about the brands that they were using before switching to our Natural Anti-Ageing Skincare, and one of these products is the REN Keep Young and Beautiful Firm & Lift Eye Cream. One of the main reasons that they switch from the REN Keep Young and Beautiful Firm & Lift Eye Cream to our Nakin Eye Cream Complex is because it packs all the punch of a good eye cream, but is almost half the price. The REN Keep Young and Beautiful Firm & Lift Eye Cream is £35 for 15ml, whereas our Nakin Eye Cream Complex is only £20 for the same size 15ml.

Both eye creams have an iconic status from their fans, and there are many similarities when it comes to being natural and offering anti-ageing performance. To find out why our Natural Anti-Ageing Eye Cream makes such a good alternative to the REN Keep Young and Beautiful Firm & Lift Eye Cream, then read on.

  • Both eye creams are easy to use and from friendly UK skin care brands. When we say friendly, we mean that there is nothing unclear about REN and Nakin, with the brand and product functions being easy to understand. We are both about clean skincare and offering good natural products that are excellent to use.
  • They are both filled with natural active ingredients that are known to improve the skin around the eyes to offer an instant boost to the area, which continues to improve with regular use. This is especially from the peptides found in the creams, which are one of the best anti-ageing ingredients available. REN use an ingredient called Hexapeptide-11 and at Nakin we use a peptide derived from hibiscus seeds. These peptides are powerful ways to smooth out lines around the eyes, which is often a concern for many. Lines usually show up as crows feet and wrinkly areas of skin. These can be from natural ageing but are also from premature skin ageing, which a good eye cream will help to improve the look of.
  • Like REN, Nakin also formulate face products with a whole host of beautiful botanical-based ingredients, and this is why our eye cream also includes some of the best oils, such as argan and extracts such as green tea plus pomegranate. These provide the skin around the eyes with intense antioxidant nutrition, that helps to keep the eyes looking fresh and youthful.
  • Lots of us suffer with tired looking eyes and this can show up as dark circles and puffiness. This is why we use algae and caffeine in the eye cream formula, as they provide the area with a stimulating boost to help concerns.
  • After use, the skin around the eyes will feel softer, hydrated and more toned. The eye area can easily look dry and crepey, as it is thinner than the skin on the rest of the face. It also lacks sebaceous glands and so a hydrating eye cream helps to lift and plump the eye area. At Nakin we use hyaluronic acid and squalene to achieve this.
  • One of the differences is that the Nakin Eye Cream is fragrance free, as we do not believe in using even natural fragrance near the eye area. The REN Eye Cream is thought to have a slight fragrance when used by customers, whereas the Nakin Eye Cream is completely unscented. So, if you like a completely fragrance-free eye cream then Nakin’s makes an excellent choice.
  • Both products are designed with sensitive skin in mind and at Nakin we regularly receive thank you messages from customers with sensitive skin, as they are so pleased to have found our products. Lots of us find that eye creams can be especially irritating, as it is such a delicate area of the face. This is why we choose our ingredients carefully, to minimise any risk of irritation.

We hope that you found it useful to see our alternative to the REN Keep Young and Beautiful Eye Cream. Our Nakin Eye Cream Complex is just one product in our award-winning natural skincare range. You can find our full face care collection here, with everything needed in a natural anti-ageing routine.

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