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Alternative to Murad Multi Vitamin Infusion Oil

Alternative to Murad Multi Vitamin Infusion Oil

We love receiving feedback from customers and one of the comments we have had recently is how our Nakin Revitalising Face Oil is being used as a more affordable and natural alternative to the Murad Multi Vitamin Infusion Oil. We know that this Murad face oil is a favourite with many, but it does come with a high price tag and also includes some ingredients that we would not use at Nakin, such as Retinyl Propionate. This is because we believe that this ingredient can be irritating to skin. We know it is one that some people look for but at Nakin we believe in helping skin to look as good as it can naturally, and all of our products are suitable for sensitive skin. The other significant difference is the price as the Murad Oil is £88 for 30ml, whereas our Nakin Oil is only £24 for 50ml, so it is more than a third of the price.

Although they have a different price and different ingredients the Nakin Revitalising Face Oil and Murad Multi Vitamin Infusion Oil share many similarities when it comes to benefits for the skin as outlined below.

  • The formulas are packed with skin enhancing natural ingredients that contain intense nourishment for the face and neck. They work together synergistically to offer skin a deep luxurious facial treatment.
  • They are both packed with vitamins that target the signs of skin ageing and offer skin increased hydration and brightness, while defending against free radical damage.
  • The oils are designed to help to ease fine lines and wrinkles as the oil consistency can reach skin cells and nourish them at a deep level, to smooth and plump skin.
  • Both formulas are fast absorbing lightweight oils that give the skin a radiant look, while keeping it healthy and balanced.
  • The intense nutritious formulas help to improve the skin texture by conditioning the skin barrier, which can easily be impaired from daily stress and environmental aggressors, such as pollution and wintry weather.
  • Both oils are free from ingredients like parabens, sulphates, phthalates, mineral oils and formaldehyde. They are also vegan.
  • The oils are made for all skin types and are balancing to oily skin and hydrating to dry skin. Nakin’s Natural Face Oil is also made for sensitive skin and calms stressed or irritated complexions. We recommend using 1-2 drops depending on how your skin is feeling. They are designed for use in the morning and evening, and it is good to use more in the winter months as the chilly air can be so abrasive to skin. Apply after serum and before a face cream, a good face cream like Nakin’s Natural Moisturisers will then seal all of the goodness in.

We hope that you have found our feature useful about the best alternative to the Murad Multi Vitamin Infusion Oil. At Nakin we pride ourselves on making award-winning natural anti-ageing skincare. Our full range is cruelty free and made in the UK. To find out more about us and our five-star rated face products then take a look online.

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