Alternative to Lancome Genifique Face Cream

Alternative to Lancome Genifique Face Cream

The Lancome Genifique range is all about anti-ageing skincare and they have some impressive results. At Nakin our whole range is also all about anti-ageing skincare, but using botanical ingredients. So, if you are looking for a more natural and affordable alternative to the Lancome Genifique Face Cream then take a look at our Nakin Active Dew Face Cream. It is a stunning award winning natural anti-ageing face cream that is filled with some of the best natural moisturising ingredients available. The Nakin Dew Cream is made for dry, combination, normal and sensitive skin. For oilier skin types we have our Nakin Matt Formula Face Cream. Find out why Nakin’s face creams are so special below.

Like the Lancome Genifique Face Cream Nakin’s moisturisers are also youth activating, as they help to resist and improve the signs of skin ageing. This includes radiance, skin texture, skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles. Nakin’s anti-ageing face cream does so much more than leave skin feeling nice and soft. It provides long lasting hydration to lock moisture into the skin throughout the day and night. The Genifique face cream is designed for day use and then a different night version is to be applied during sleep. At Nakin though our Active Dew Face Cream and Matt Formula Face Cream do the job of both a day and night cream, as the ingredients that they contain work well at any time of the day. They are just beautiful ingredients that help skin to look great.

From first using a Nakin Natural Face Cream there are so many improvements to skin that build up over time. They can transform a tired and lacklustre complexion and skin feels more elastic, with a reduction in the look of lines and wrinkles. This includes lines that are on the forehead, mouth, furrow area and cheeks. Skin also feels plumper and more resilient, plus uneven discolouration and dark patches are improved.

One of the best things about Nakin’s face creams is that they are filled with natural plant extracts and beautify without any harsh or undesirable ingredients like retinol, synthetic vitamin C, parabens, artificial colours and fragrance. Our creams are kind to even sensitive skin and made with a mild 100% natural fragrance. We never use synthetic perfume due to the health concerns and only use a subtle scent, as even natural scents can be sensitising. Scent has no benefits for skin, and we prefer to fill our creams with plant boosting ingredients instead. As we use a mild natural scent and natural emollients some customers might feel that this cream feels and smells differently to conventional creams.

If you like a face cream that is replenishing and rejuvenating plus calming at the same time, then Nakin’s moisturisers make great choices. They are formulated to help with skin repair and ageing prevention, leaving skin feeling more supple and radiant. Nakin’s full range of face products all work on the principle of helping skin to look as good as it can naturally. Find out more about us and the rest of the products in our collection below.

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