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Alternative to Gel Cleanser

Alternative to Gel Cleanser

We know that gel cleansers are hugely popular but they are not right for everyone, and if so Nakin have an amazing natural anti-ageing cleansing milk that can do everything a gel cleanser can, and more.

There are so many cleansers out there with different textures and formulations that it can be hard working out which is the best one to use. Each gel cleanser will differ depending on the ingredients used and complete formula. They generally though are quite strong cleansers and often even have an antibacterial element to them. Lots of people love the bouncy consistency and ease of use, however, they can be too harsh for some skin types. Especially sensitive, dry and mature skin. Whatever your skin type a great alternative to a gel cleanser is our Nakin Advanced Cleansing Milk, which can also be used as a duo with our Nakin Purifying Face Toner.

Gel cleansers are water based which means that they are great at removing things like sweat and dust. The wonderful thing about a cleansing milk though is that as well as being a water-based lotion, they are also oil based and so are great at removing everything, from makeup to sunscreen.

A good cleansing milk like ours will also never leave your skin feeling overly stripped or dried out after use. The gentle kind formulation is great for all skin types, even overly sensitive skin. It is a milky lotion consistency, so still lovely and soft to use on the face and neck.

The key ingredients include glycerin, grape seed oil, olive, hyaluronic acid, pomegranate and sunflower, which means that it really packs a punch when it comes to cleansing and nourishing the face and neck. Because it is so filled with vitamins, minerals and omegas it is also able to build and maintain a happy healthy skin barrier. This is so important for skin that looks great and is truly healthy at the same time. At Nakin we use such high-quality natural ingredients that it means skin is treated to an excellent clean while in the best environmental conditions, for a clear silky soft hydrated complexion.

The whole experience of using Nakin’s cleansers is so enjoyable that customers often describe it as being in a spa. You will love it so much and will be glad you changed from a gel cleanser. We use gorgeous high performing natural ingredients with our delicate natural signature scent, to offer skin a sublime reviving encounter whenever our products are used. To find out more about Nakin visit our website below and see why our face range is fast reaching cult status with skincare lovers. We have hundreds of verified customer reviews to read, which provide a deep insight into our products performance.

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