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Alternative to Elemis Face Toners

Alternative to Elemis Face Toners

At Nakin we produce beautiful natural anti-ageing skincare and one of our aims with all of our face products is that they are multi-purpose in their ability. This is the main reason that we have a smaller range than many brands, as we do not believe in having many different varieties of the same product. This is because when a face product is formulated well it can meet so many skincare requirements. Our unique approach to skincare formulations is often why we get customers switching to Nakin from other brands. One of the products mentioned to us recently is how our Nakin Purifying Face Toner is being used as an alternative to the Elemis face toners.

We have just one face toner in our range which combines a multitude of benefits for the skin and is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. There are so many reasons why our natural anti-ageing face toner is such a great alternative to the Elemis Toners, which include three different options. At Nakin our Purifying Face Toner is highly effective and filled with special natural actives that cleanse deep down, hydrate, tone and condition to leave skin clear, fresh and nourished. The nice thing about Nakin’s Purifying Face Toner is that there is no need for different toners depending on how your skin feels. It does not matter if it is feeling sensitive, dehydrated or congested, as it works on everything in one go. Because it uses natural actives and extracts that are not oily or drying the skin takes what it needs from each of them and is able to balance itself. This includes witch hazel, glycerin, aloe vera, vitamin E, seaweed and hyaluronic acid; that combine to give a highly effective toning experience for the face and neck.

The Elemis face toners include a soothing apricot version, a balancing lavender option and a rehydrating ginseng option. They are all lovely face toners, but it can be confusing on which one to use as some of us like to have a variation of benefits on one product. Our Nakin Purifying Face toner offers all the options of soothing, balancing and rehydrating in one gorgeous bottle. It is aromantic, easy to use and kind to all skin types including normal, dry, combination, oily and sensitive. Many compare using it to having their own spa therapist at home, and it has the same application technique as the Elemis toners by applying with a cotton wool pad or cloth.

We hope that you found our blog post useful about our alternative to the Elemis face toners. At Nakin all of our face products are designed to offer an elevated level of skin product and we have a full range of face care. This includes cleansers, face treatments and creams made from high performing plant ingredients. To find out more about our products and range take a look at the links below.

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