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Alternative to Decleor Cleansing Milk

Alternative to Decleor Cleansing Milk

There are so many reasons why customers love the Decleor Cleansing Milk and our alternative, which is the Nakin Advanced Cleansing Milk. They are a favourite as both are beautiful to use with a subtle spa like smell, although the Nakin milk does seem to have a more delicate fragrance, as it is completely natural and made with sensitive skin in mind. Fragrance can have lots of negative effects and no actual beauty benefits, so at Nakin we use only tiny amounts of a 100% natural fragrance blend, which is also often described as being reminiscent of a spa experience. Find out more about our alternative to the Decleor cleansing milk below.

They both offer a lovely non-drying cleansing experience for skin, leaving it soft and radiant. The Decleor cleansing milk has neroli oil to repair and combat dehydration, whereas at Nakin we use hyaluronic acid for this due to its unbeatable invisible moisturising properties. Other ingredients in the Decleor milk include green tea and sweet almond oil, and Nakin uses similar actives with grape seed, seaweed and pomegranate. They help to remove dirt and clear skin, while leaving it fresh and comforted. Both are suitable for all skin types, as even oily skin benefits from the comfort that a cleansing milk can provide with the nourishing hydration.

One of the additional benefits that we feel the Nakin Cleansing Milk offers skin is a more natural cleanse, as over 98% of the ingredients are natural. If you compare the ingredients listings, the Decleor one has some synthetic ingredients that we never use at Nakin, such as silicones. We always try to use natural ingredients for all emulsifying and moisturising tasks.

Customers love how our Natural Cleansing Milk is able to remove make-up, daily grime, sweat and SPF, due to its part oil cleansing properties. Another comment that we sometimes receive is that cleansing with our milk feels like cleansing the face and neck with a silky moisturiser and it leaves skin feeling clean, but hydrated and comforted. It is not an overly thick product, with a similar consistency to a lotion. When people use our cleansing milk, they are often surprised how heavy duty it is due to the multi-functional formula, that cleanses beautifully without drying skin.

Whatever your skin type be it dry, dehydrated, oily, combination, sensitive or mature, it works to cleanse and nourish for a glowing complexion. It is a lovely daily cleanser for use in both the morning and evening. Use it by applying a coin-sized amount of product to the face and neck, massaging all over the skin in circular motions, including the eye area. Take off with a damp cotton pad or cloth, or while in the shower. Follow with treatments and face cream.

We hope that you found our feature useful about our alternative to the Decleor cleansing milk. Our cleansing milk is just one product in our award-winning skincare range. To find out more about us visit our website below and see why our face range is fast reaching cult status with skincare lovers. We have hundreds of verified customer reviews to read, which provide a deep insight into our products performance.

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