Alternative to Clarins Alpine Herbs Cleansing Milk

Alternative to Clarins Alpine Herbs Cleansing Milk

We have recently been receiving a lot of feedback from customers saying that they are using our Nakin Advanced Cleansing Milk as an alternative to the Clarins Alpine Herbs Cleansing Milk, that has been discontinued. The products do have some differences but lots of similarities and our natural cleansing milk helps all skin types to feel soft and healthy with a sublime cleansing experience.

One of the big differences between our cleansing milk and the Clarins one is that ours is a lot more natural. If you compare the ingredients listing you will see that it is packed full of plants, and although Clarins do use plants it does not seem to be to the same degree as our Nakin Advanced Cleansing Milk, which is over 98 % natural. Another significant difference is the fragrance. At Nakin all of our products are made with sensitive skin in mind, and as fragrance has no benefits for skin, we only use a subtle 100% natural fragrance.

They both work to help gently cleanse the face while preserving the balance and improving skin quality at the same time. Skin is left feeling fresh, soft and moisturised. The Clarins Alpine Cleanser included hydrophilic oils, vitamins A and E, alpine herbs and St john’s wort. The Nakin Cleansing Milk also contains an array of beautiful plant cleansing ingredients including glycerin, hydrophilic oils, hyaluronic acid plus seaweed extract, to deeply clear and beautify the complexion.

The Clarins Cleansing Milk is for normal and dry skin, whereas the Nakin Cleansing Milk is for all skin types, including sensitive skin. They are both designed to cleanse the face and neck without irritating. Instead, they promote soft, supple, radiant-looking skin. Both formulas work to rebalance while neutralising any drying effects of hard water. The kind formulas thoroughly remove makeup and surface impurities using a botanical plant extract blend. The Clarins Cleansing Milk gently and thoroughly removes surface impurities without pulling the skin. They also preserve the natural biota and hydrolipidic film of skin.

It is always hard to completely compare two products and every skincare item will perform and feel differently for different people. Clarins is a hugely accomplished brand, but we feel that Nakin is able to rival them on product performance, especially when it comes to natural skincare. Natural skincare is really kind to skin and soothes and softens at the same time. It helps all skin types from oily to overly dry complexions. Nakin have spent a long time formulating our cleansing and face products to offer huge benefits. Nakin’s cleansers, treatments and creams differ to Clarins but share so many great properties for skin. All of our face care is lightweight so as not to weigh skin down but is luxurious at the same time, due to their skin improving and cocooning plant extracts. Every product in our range has been designed to leave skin rejuvenated and velvety soft.

To use our cleansing milk, we would recommend applying around a ten pence size amount and warm the product up in the finger pads before massaging all over the face and neck. Massaging it into the skin will help to loosen and dislodge any grime, so that it easily lifts away. Remove with damp cotton wool, a washcloth or when in the shower. Cleansing milks are great for drawing out dirt, oils and impurities plus are so kind that they can be used as a double cleanse when needed.

Customers love our cleansing milk because of its impressive performance and high-quality natural ingredients, and it has been a staple with many for years. This is the same with all of Nakin’s products. Find out about our gorgeous face care below.

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