Affordable & Natural Alternative to Murad Skincare

Affordable & Natural Alternative to Murad Skincare

At Nakin we have been proud to hear that people have been switching to us as a more affordable and natural alternative to the Murad Skincare range. It means a lot to us as we know how well established and popular Murad is, and so it means a lot that people are comparing us to them, when looking for more natural ingredients and products that are a fraction of the price. At Nakin our natural anti-ageing skincare is made using the power of plants to help skin to look fresh and healthy naturally. We have a capsule collection of face products that targets the key skincare concerns but in an easy-to-use range, as we believe in a clear approach to face care. Read on to find out why our anti-ageing face products make a great affordable natural alternative to Murad.

Murad is a highly respected skincare brand founded by Dr Murad who was a pioneer in skin cellular hydration, and looking at how our lifestyle stress affects our skin health. At Nakin we share the same philosophy as Murad as we are all about creating skincare products that give healthier skin, which in turn can have an impact on our lives. Despite all of the similarities between Nakin and Murad we also have lots of differences and this is in the ingredients that we use. We both use high performing actives and extracts in our formulas but at Nakin we feel that we take a more natural approach. Murad sometimes use ingredients that are on our banned list such as silicones, glycols and EDTA. This means that you might find our products do feel different to Murad when applied, as we do not use any synthetic moisturisers in our range. We also never use synthetic anti-ageing ingredients like retinol as we use natural actives. Instead, we prefer only plant based moisturising ingredients. However, both Nakin and Murad are free of parabens, phthalates, gluten, formaldehyde, petrolatum, oxybenzone, dimethicone and dyes. Our Nakin products are designed to be kind and nourishing to skin and are all made with sensitive skin in mind.

As well as our natural credentials at Nakin, our customers love that are products are ethically made in the UK, plus are all cruelty free certified and mostly vegan. Then on top of this our range offers exceptional value and is currently all priced between £12 to £28. Meaning that you can give your skin access to high quality plant-based skincare without breaking the bank. Paying a fortune for skincare makes it a highly considered purchase but at Nakin we believe that high quality natural skincare should be affordable. Our products are not your usual ones, and we have everything that you could want in a routine, as outlined below.

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