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Affordable Alternative to Eve Lom Face Products

Affordable Alternative to Eve Lom Face Products

Eve Lom’s face products are lovely but for many people they are out of reach due to the high price tag. At Nakin we have been delighted to hear from customers that they are using our products as an alternative to Eve Lom Skincare. We do not have an identical range, but we do have a complete face care collection that is made using beautiful rejuvenating botanicals to help skin flourish and thrive. Find out why our natural anti-ageing skincare makes such a lovely affordable alternative to Eve Lom’s collection.

Nakin is a good affordable alternative to Eve Lom because we believe that our face care has similar natural ingredients and produces similar results. Nakin's natural ingredients are beneficial for your skin, and they work to perfectly cleanse, tone, treat and moisturise. Eve Lom is a more expensive option, but Nakin is a great alternative that can give you similar results at a fraction of the price. Eve Lom’s products can go up to £145 for a 30ml serum, whereas at Nakin our range currently costs just £10 to £25 for each product. There is no lacking in quality though as we use high performing plant actives and extracts, that are at the forefront of natural beauty science.

Eve Lom has a bigger range than us at Nakin, but our carefully curated collection has everything needed in a good face care routine with cleansers, treatments and creams that have been developed with the utmost care and attention. We share the philosophy of creating beautiful skin using the power of botanicals.

As natural brands Eve Lom and Nakin have some similarities with our ingredients list as we both do not use parabens, phthalates, DEA & MEA, synthetic fragrances or colourants. However, at Nakin we have a more natural ingredient policy and also do not use ingredients like glycols, retinol and silicones. This is because we prefer to keep our range as natural as possible, as we believe this is the kindest way to look after our skin and works best with our natural biology. Customers may find that our range feels different to the Eve Lom collection though when applied to skin.

Nakin’s range includes the following products which are kind and nourishing to even sensitive skin. Everything is made in the UK and Leaping Bunny cruelty free registered.

  • Our Advanced Cleansing Milk cleanses the face while hydrating and comforting at the same time with the plant oil formula of grape seed and sunflower, plus seaweed and pomegranate extracts.
  • Or use the foaming Rejuvenating Face Wash that cleanses with fruit extracts to beautifully clear the skin without stripping it of natural oils.
  • Follow with our Purifying Face Toner to clear away the last traces of cleanser with witch hazel and seaweed, while deep cleaning and conditioning the complexion.
  • For a smooth clear look and feel use the Exfoliating Radiance Tonic with its botanical AHA formula to provide excellent exfoliation, but without the irritation.
  • Then start treating skin by using our Eye Cream Complex with hyaluronic acid for hydration, hibiscus for lines, plus green tea and marine extracts for dark areas and puffiness.
  • For the face and neck our Performance Face Serum has many plant actives and extracts that work to improve the look of skin with hibiscus for smoothing lines, correcting green tea, hydrating hyaluronic acid and conditioning oils.
  • Our Revitalising Face Oil is an easy way to calm and revive all skin types, with its intensely nourishing formula of peach, almond, jojoba, baobab and argan that sinks effortlessly into the skin.
  • Follow with one of our face creams to hydrate, condition and protect with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, cassia and argan oil to give skin everything it needs from a face cream. There is our Matt Formula Face Cream for oilier skin types and the Active Dew Face Cream for drier skin types.
  • Finish with our Lip Treatment Balm, for deep hydration and comfort from the beautiful blend of plant butters and oils.

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