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Affordable Alternative to Decleor Peony Anti-Ageing Eye Cream Absolute

Affordable Alternative to Decleor Peony Anti-Ageing Eye Cream Absolute

If you are looking for an affordable alternative to the Decleor Peony Anti-Ageing Eye Cream Absolute, then Nakin have a lovely option which is our Natural Anti-Ageing Eye Cream Complex. We know that the Decleor Peony Anti-Ageing Eye Cream Absolute is a popular choice when it comes to eye products, however, it is also an expensive product and out of reach for many people. It is currently £71 for 15ml, whereas the Nakin Eye Cream Complex is £20 for the same size 15ml. They both come in easy-to-use pots and have similar benefits for the eye area.

Both eye creams are filled with lots of amazing plant extracts and although many of them differ in each product they are both working towards to same goal. This is to provide energising eye care, to plump and leave the skin around eyes visibly improved with the rejuvenating anti-ageing formulas. They share some of the same ingredients which includes a peptide, glycerin, vitamin E, caffeine, and squalene. They are also both fragrance free and vegan, with the Decleor one made in France while Nakin’s is made in the UK, and also cruelty free registered.

Nakin’s Eye Cream Complex is an all-round eye product that helps with all the key requirements wanted in an eye cream. This includes hydration, line smoothing, brightening dark areas, and helping with puffiness. It is a powerful natural anti-ageing eye cream and perfect for those that do not want to spend a fortune. It is a luxurious bouncy cream that has the right consistency to seep into the skin around the eyes and deliver intense nutrition plus hydration without being too rich. Our luxurious cream is formulated with green tea extract, which is known for its potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, it contains hyaluronic acid to hydrate and plump the skin, as well as hibiscus extract to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The result is a more youthful-looking complexion in the eye area, that leaves skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth.

Despite many similarities the two products do have some differences. The Decleor Peony Eye Cream is more cream like than our Nakin Eye Cream, which has a thinner consistency that is more like a cross between a cream and a serum. This is because we believe that a light springy product is always best around the delicate eye area, so as not to weigh it down. It will also feel and smell differently as we have different ingredients policies to Decleor. The products will feel differently on skin as the Decleor one includes ingredients that we do not include in Nakin’s products, such as Cyclohexasiloxane and Disodium EDTA. Please also note that our Nakin eye cream does not contain mica for the illuminating effect, as we prefer to leave this sort of look for customers to decide with their own make-up routines.

We hope that you found our post useful about our affordable alternative to the Decleor Peony Anti-Ageing Eye Cream Absolute. Our natural eye cream is a great purse friendly option and is just one of our anti-ageing face products. Find out more about Nakin online at www.nakinskincare.com

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