A Gorgeous Lip Balm for Peeling Lips

A Gorgeous Lip Balm for Peeling Lips

Many of us find that no matter what we do our lips tend to get dry and have some peeling. Lots of conventional lip balms fail to meet their promises to rescue lips as they contain cheap ingredients and are often filled with mineral oil, which can work as a barrier for lips, but has no nutritional content. At Nakin we are dedicated to producing the best natural skincare as we believe that beauty products made from gorgeous plant ingredients are much better for us, and this is definitely true of our 100% natural lip balm. So, if you suffer from peeling lips then there is no need to worry or look further, as we have an amazing lip balm for you.  

Our lip balm is one of the best balms for peeling lips as it contains pure moisture and goodness for lips, including the key ingredients below.

  • Shea Butter which is one of the best natural moisturisers and healing ingredients that you can get. It contains stearic and oleic acids which are long-chain fatty acids that possess excellent anti-inflammatory and moisturising effects. It is also easily absorbed in the lips and gives a protective film which locks the moisture in and rescues the lips from dehydration.
  • Argan Oil which is also an excellent anti-inflammatory with antibacterial properties. This makes it one of the best natural remedies for cracked and irritated lips. It also has plenty of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which provide nourishment and protection, plus help to speed up the healing process and prevent further dryness.
  • Baobab oil is a lovely ingredient that also helps with wound healing and is used in skin care for its potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It is one of the best natural oils to soften lips and lock moisture in.
  • Castor oil is perfect for peeling lips as it is rich in several fatty acids as well as vitamin E, and these components are extremely beneficial for lips. It is also a natural humectant that means it can keep your lips moisturised for a long time, with its power to easily penetrate into the layers of the skin, resulting in deeper nourishment and healing.

This is just a few of the main ingredients in our Lip Treatment Balm. It is packed with only 100% natural plant goodness, to help lips to stay soft and peel free. The texture of the balm is sumptuously soft and luxurious, and it comes in an easy to carry and use pot. You only need a little too, so it lasts a long time. There are so many reasons to love our lip balm.

The best way to use our balm is to have it available whenever your lips need it. The long-lasting formula does not need to be repeatedly reapplied like many lip balms do. However, applying a small top up throughout the day and before sleep keeps lips hydrated, nourished and protected. To find out more about our award-winning range of face care take a look at our website.

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