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A Gorgeous Face Toner for Clear Skin

A Gorgeous Face Toner for Clear Skin

This article focuses on how toners can clear skin. Toners are quite a traditional addition to a face routine and at Nakin we are often surprised how many people do not use them. They are part of the 4-step facial routine of cleansing, toning, treating and moisturising, plus can offer the face and neck some serious benefits, and one of them is helping to clear skin.

Toners are basically waters infused with cleansing, toning and conditioning ingredients. There is a lot of confusion around toners with the rise of newer face cleansers such as micellar waters. However, they are very different and so much kinder to skin. At Nakin we do not recommend micellar waters as they can contain harsh cleansing ingredients. Instead we prefer cleansing the face first with a gorgeous natural cleansing milk followed by our natural face toner. Both help to achieve gorgeous clear skin by cleansing deep down, without causing imbalances. That is the problem with strong products like face washes and micellar waters. They do help to clear skin but because some of the detergents are quite strong, they wipe away the natural oils, and skin then has to fight back by producing more oil to comfort itself. Instead, the best way to clear skin is to use kind gentle cleansers that do not strip, instead they leave a healthy clear complexion.

Nakin’s Purifying Face Toner is one of the best toners for clear skin as it contains lovely plant cleansers like witch hazel, but also skin conditioners like hyaluronic acid and seaweed extract. When it is wiped onto the face skin is immediately toned and purified, plus beautifully cleansed. At Nakin we like to use amazing plant actives, but never harsh ingredients like alpha and beta hydroxy acids, as they can be troublesome for sensitive skin. Instead Nakin’s face toner is a gorgeous anti-ageing toner made with sensitive skin in mind.

So, if you thought face toners were something used in the past, then take a look at them again as they are a valuable addition to every face care routine. Not only do they cleanse effectively, but good natural ones also revive and tone skin for a fresh looking complexion. They also clear away any final remnants of cleanser and dead skin cells, to prepare skin for actives applied afterwards. This means that an anti-ageing face serum can work to peak performance.

Face toners are like the cherry on the top of cleansing. They ensure that skin is thoroughly clean, as a one-step cleanse is often not enough to clear skin completely, then they also add some extra zing to your skin by conditioning pores, hydrating, toning and reviving. This is true for all skin types and as long as it is a toner for sensitive skin then it will not adversely affect or constrict the skins protective layers, lipids and proteins. This is important as a healthy skin barrier helps to keep irritants out and keep hydration in. Irritation can disrupt the skin barrier and it does not matter how good a cleanser is, this will cause issues for the overall health and vitality of the skin.

We hope that you found our article useful about the best toner for clear skin. The great thing about Nakin’s range of products is that it offers excellent natural anti-ageing skincare with a whole host of extra benefits too, and clear skin is one of them.

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