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7 Ways to Increase Skin Moisture Naturally

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7 Ways to Increase Skin Moisture Naturally

One of the most common skin complaints is dryness and dehydration. So, it is always good to know some handy tips to increase the moisture of your skin naturally. At Nakin we are dedicated to producing amazing age defying natural skincare products and helping skin to look as good as it can naturally is always a priority for us. Read on to see our easy natural tips for hydrated skin.

  1. Stay Hydrated

Drinking lots of water or healthy hydrating drinks like herbal tea help to keep our systems beautifully hydrated internally, and functioning as best possible. It depends on the weather, but try to have about 5 to 8 cups of water a day. If you find this hard then include lots of hydrating fruits and vegetables, like watermelon and cucumber.

  1. Cleanse Skin Properly

When skin is properly cleansed it is free from debris and dead skin cells, which can be drying to skin. Good cleansing is important but it needs to be with a kind cleansing product like our Natural Advanced Cleansing Milk followed by the Natural Purifying Face Toner. They both clean skin beautifully with cleansing plant extracts, while being kind, hydrating and comforting.

  1. Use A Face Oil

Using a good face oil can be one of the best additions to any face care regime. They are so beneficial as they provide skin with hydration in the deeper levels of skin. They work with our natural skin sebum to hydrate and balance skin. Nakin’s natural face oil is a stunning oil that nourishes and comforts skin beautifully.

  1. Moisturise Skin Well

One of the key properties of a face cream is to moisturise skin properly. Nakin’s face creams offer deep and long-lasting hydration without greasiness. We have the Natural Matt Formula Face Cream for oily, normal and combination skin, and Natural Active Dew Face Cream for dry, normal and combination skin. Both are filled with an array of amazing plant actives that intensely boost and hydrate.

  1. Be Careful Not to Strip Skin

Keeping skin moisture levels up is also about what not do to. So, take care not to strip skin by applying any harsh skin products. This includes some face washes that can strip skin, and strong exfoliators that can dry skin and throw it off balance.

  1. Keep A Bowl of Water in Your Bedroom

This tip is especially beneficial if you live in dry conditions. This might include living in a cold environment and using central heating systems that dry skin. You could also use a humidifier, but a simple affordable option is a bowl of water.

  1. Use Sunscreen

The sun can be very drying to the skin. This is because moisture evaporates in the heat, which affects our natural skin oils. So, always use a sunscreen when it is exposed to the sun.

We hope that you found this feature helpful. Visit us to find out more about our stunning anti-ageing skincare which is also a cruelty free beauty range. The full Nakin collection can be found here and has been developed to help skin to thrive and flourish with the best plant active ingredients.

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