5 Ways to Prevent Breakouts on The Face

5 Ways to Prevent Breakouts on The Face

Something that most of us suffer with in some form or another is facial breakouts. Spots or blackheads that appear out of nowhere and this happens at all ages of our life. They are often related to hormones and also different periods of time that might be stressful. The good news is that whatever is causing them there is lots that we can do to prevent breakouts occurring on our face. Using the best natural skincare products will help,

but there is lots more that can be done. We have compiled our list of the top five ways to prevent breakouts.

  1. Stress is one of the biggest contributors to skin issues and this includes breakouts. This is why we often get a breakout before an important event. When we are stressed, our bodies produce the stress hormone cortisol and this activates our sebaceous glands to produce more sebum. This in turn clogs the pores and leads to inflammation and spots. So, try to relax as much as possible and get lots of sleep.
  2. Good facial cleansing is important to keep breakouts at bay. Begin with our natural anti-ageing cleansing milk to remove make-up, daily dirt and sunscreen. It is a kind formula so will not strip or shock skin into producing excess oil. Then follow with our natural anti-ageing toner to really get into the pores for a thorough but gentle clean.
  3. Reduce inflammation on the face by keeping your diet clean and healthy. Too much sugar, gluten, alcohol and dairy can throw skin off balance. This means that as well as it not looking its best it can contribute to redness and breakouts. You can also calm the skin by applying topical ingredients that take away redness. Our natural face oil is perfect for this with its jam-packed nourishing formula, full of the best skin loving plant oils. It does not contain any rich fatty oils like coconut and so is quickly and easily absorbed into the skin.
  4. Applying antioxidants to the face helps keep skin clear by fighting free radicals, as these can oxidise sebum and cause breakouts. Antioxidants such as vitamin C and E help to fight free radicals and are found naturally in our stunning anti-ageing face serum.
  5. Number five on the list is as important as everything else and is about taking care of gut health, which can hugely affect our skin. You can take probiotic supplements or instead improve your diet with gut loving vegetables and fermented foods, these improve the microflora of our gut which helps our whole system to function at its best.

We hope that you found our article useful with our tips to prevent breakouts on the face. At Nakin we are dedicated to finding ways to keep skin looking as good as possible and this stems from being healthy deep down. This is why all of our anti-ageing skincare is natural and formulated with plant actives. It is free from harsh ingredients like retinol that can throw skin off balance. To find out more about Nakin visit the links below.

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