5 Steps to Reduce Redness on the Face Naturally

5 Steps to Reduce Redness on the Face Naturally

Many of us suffer with redness of varying degree on our faces. It is one of the main reasons that we use foundation, to cover it up and camouflage those red areas. However, before reaching for the camouflage, why not try to reduce that redness using natural methods. Redness on the face can be temporary, or more permanent. In either case there is usually lots that can be done to reduce redness on the face naturally.

If you have redness on your face it is best to find out what is causing it. There are a few obvious reasons such as being in harsh conditions like the cold and wind, and one of the reasons is sun damage. UV damage from the sun is one of the biggest causes of skin ageing. The Mayo Clinic advise that the sun can cause pigmentation and a permanent stretching of small blood vessels, giving your skin a mottled, reddish appearance. Diet can also cause redness on the skin, especially too much sugar or alcohol. Other reasons for redness on the face are using products with irritating ingredients, or having a skin condition like sensitive skin or eczema. If you have a skin condition, then it is always best to seek medical advice. This article focuses on alleviating mild redness on the face. If you have some redness on the face, then read on for 5 easy ways to reduce it.

  1. Use Kind Natural Face Products

Lots of skincare ingredients can irritate skin, which can cause or worsen redness. Gentle cleansing, treatment and moisturising of skin with calming natural products, helps skin to flourish and bloom. One of the most important things when it comes to skincare is to stay away from skin products and ingredients that aggravate the face; such as scrubs, retinol, synthetic vitamin C and artificial fragrance. This is why Nakin’s Natural Skincare range is free from these types of ingredients, and instead uses kind plant actives to beautify skin. Our range includes gentle cleansers with our Natural Advanced Cleansing Milk and Natural Purifying Face Toner. Though if you have redness on the face you might not be able to use a toner, as it could be just too much for your sensitive skin to tolerate, even if it is a natural toner like ours. Then our anti-ageing treatments are calming and boosting to skin with our natural eye creamnatural face serumnatural face oil. We particularly recommend using our Revitalising Face Oil as it is so kind to skin. It offers help with hydration, line smoothing and all-round skin conditioning but it also great for calming skin and strengthening the skin, to help it heal and become more tolerant. Then we have our Natural Matt Formula Face Cream for oily, normal and combination skin, and Natural Active Dew Face Cream for dry, normal and combination skin. When using the face products pat them in gentle or massage them upwards and outwards, and do not forget the neck area. We also have a gorgeous natural lip balm to hydrate and nourish lips.

All of Nakin’s products have lovely textures, that is never greasy or sticky. Instead, skin instantly soaks them up and they provide long lasting hydration and comfort to skin. As soon as the products are applied, skin should feel calm and revived. They contain no artificial fragrance and just an exceptionally light subtle natural scent, that will not irritate skin.  

  1. Keep the Face Protected

As sun damage and cold weather can cause redness, then always protect your face when out and above. A good sunscreen is important, plus sunglasses, hats and scarfs will keep skin covered and protected from irritation and damage.

  1. Diet

As we mentioned above, too much sugar and alcohol in your diet can leave your skin looking red, as they cause inflammation. It is good to limit your intake for all sorts of reasons, so why not cut them down and see how the redness in your face improves.

  1. Be Kind to Your Skin

The skin on our face is subject to so much, so it will really benefit from being treated properly. This includes small things like not having too hot showers and baths, or using very cold water on skin. Skin will also benefit from gentle treatment when products are applied. So, avoid things like drying skin too harshly with a towel or vigorously rubbing products in, instead take your time when looking after your skin.

  1. Alternative Therapies

At Nakin we love all things natural, so tend to look at holistic medicine options where we can. We would recommend trying acupuncture if you suffer from redness in the face. Our internal and external systems are connected in all sorts of ways. Acupuncture works to open up blocked energy meridians and help our health in all sorts of ways. It is a very specialised form of medicine, so always use a qualified professional for treatments.

To naturally reduce redness on the face, consider adopting a gentle skincare routine like the one we offer at Nakin, and incorporating anti-inflammatory ingredients into your regimen. Daily, cleanse with a mild, non-irritating cleanser like our cleansing milk which will remove impurities without stripping the skin. Follow with our soothing oil and moisturiser, containing ingredients like plant oils and extracts which are known for their calming properties. Additionally, protecting your skin from the elements and eating the right nutrients can provide relief and reduce the chance of redness occurring. 

We hope that you found our article helpful about reducing redness on the face naturally. Most of us would love an even uniform skin tone, without any redness. Generally this is achievable by being kind to skin, protecting it and only using good plant-based skincare. If you have redness on the face then this is even more reason not to use conventional synthetic skincare, which can contain all sorts of harsh and irritating ingredients. The nice thing is that amazing natural skincare products like Nakin’s are really nourishing and boosting to skin, as they are filled with the best plant ingredients. Following a good skin regime morning and evening, as well as using cruelty free skincare is the best way to keep your skin clean, smooth and glowing. At Nakin we believe in looking as good as we can naturally, and this is why we developed our award winning anti-ageing skincare range. A healthy lifestyle combined with always using the best skincare products is one of the easiest things you can do to enhance your look naturally.

Nakin are dedicated to achieving beautiful skin at every age using the best natural ingredients. To find out more about Nakin and our award-winning anti-ageing skincare then visit us at www.nakinskincare.com Nakin produce natural face products for all skin types, including sensitive skin. The full range can be found here and is designed to help skin to thrive and flourish by using the best plant active ingredients. Everything is cruelty free and made in the UK. If you would like to get in touch with Nakin then please email us at info@nakinskincare.com We would love to hear your thoughts and are also available to offer skincare and product advice.

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