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5 Reasons Why Serum is Your Skincare Routine’s New Best Friend

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5 Reasons Why Serum is Your Skincare Routine’s New Best Friend

By now, we’re all aware of the basic skincare commandments: never go to sleep with your makeup on, always moisturise and slather on SPF like your life depends on it.  But there’s a new hero product on the block that is swiftly becoming a complexion mandate: use a serum in your skincare routine. 

While we can all agree that a 15-step daily skincare routine is not for everyone, there is one particular step that you should definitely get on board with and that’s serum.  This skincare essential offers potent formulations, targeted results and impressive customisation options.  It’s time to supercharge your skin care with this beauty-insider favourite.  Get ready to dive into everything you need to know about the top five benefits of serum, your new skincare ally!

Top 5 Reasons to Use a Serum 

  • Ultra-targeted action
  • A little really does go a long way
  • Instantly absorbed into the skin
  • Provides synergy with other skincare essentials
  • Offers fast acting results

Get ready to enjoy ultra-targeted action!

When it comes to serums, they’re all killer and no filler, containing the highest concentration of active ingredients you can get without a prescription.  For instance, both daily face creams and cleansers typically contain between 5-10% of active ingredients, whereas a serum can contain up to 70% active ingredients!  This translates to a high-potency, ultra-targeted formula that can help to increase levels of hydration in the skin, improve skin’s firmness and reduce wrinkles.  It can also help to increase skin’s brightness, making it the perfect hero ingredient for a dull, tired complexion.

Just a few drops are all you need…

Thanks to the highly concentrated formulas you can find in your serum, a recommended daily dose can include just a few drops.  It is recommended that this top skincare ingredient is added to both your morning and evening skincare routine for better efficiency and the quickest results.

A serum will instantly absorb into the skin

It’s recommended that you apply a few precious drops of your serum onto clean dry skin.  You should then follow up with your favourite night cream or daily face cream to protect the skin and help lock in the fast-acting active ingredients.  Most serums have a silky, fine texture which makes them highly-absorbent.  This is great news if you prefer a quick and simple daily skincare routine.

Easily integrate serum into your current skincare routine 

You will likely be surprised at how easy it is to integrate using a serum into your regular skincare routine. This high-potency ingredient provides a much-needed boost when you are dealing with changing skincare needs.  For quick and long-lasting results, a serum paired with another skincare product whose active ingredients complement those found in the serum will work best and provide synergy within your skincare routine.  A great example of this is our high-performance face serum. 

When tall drinks of water and a constantly running humidifier just aren’t cutting it, then you should definitely give your parched skin a douse of our seriously hydrating serum.  Unlike other offerings, our Natural Anti-Ageing Performance Face Serum mines the power of hyaluronic acid and hibiscus to smooth fine lines and improve skin’s elasticity.  When this serum is paired with our Natural Anti-Ageing Active Dew Face Cream, prepare for super supple and hydrated photo-ready skin.

High potency = fast acting results

Last but certainly not least, one of the top reasons to integrate serums into your skincare routine is that the effects serums provide tend to arrive quickly due to the product’s highly-concentrated nature.  This means it can immediately help with any skincare problems you may be currently facing.  For the most impatient of them all, serums will likely become your new ski saviour. 

If you’re struggling with dry skin, then a moisturising serum can help to leave skin looking smooth and velvety.  Similarly, an anti-ageing serum will seek to improve skin’s elasticity and wrinkles. 

Is serum right for your skin? 

The answer to this is probably.  Before you go out and purchase a serum it’s important to know your ingredients first.  If you’re…

Dry Skin: If you have dry skin, your best friends are vitamin E (a high-performing antioxidant that helps reduce cell damage), glycolic acid (helps to lighten discolouration and gently exfoliate skin), niacinamide (improves skin’s elasticity), and hyaluronic acid (improves moisture retention).

Acne-prone: Be on the lookout for vitamin C (helps to enhance your skin’s natural repair process, reduce inflammation and increase collagen production), zinc (regulates oil production and sooth irritation), retinol (also reduced inflammation and acts as an antioxidant), and salicylic acid (to unclog blocked pores). 

Feeling a little dull: Look for high-performing antioxidants like ferulic acid, green tea extract and resveratrol (these ingredients help to increase the effectiveness of SPF by day and promote cellular repair by night).

When it comes to your daily skincare menu, serums really do offer it all.  Whether it’s a glow-enhancing, age-defying or moisture-boosting serum you’re currently on the hunt for, there really is something for everyone!  We definitely recommend adding a serum to your skincare mix as soon as possible.

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