5 Minute Face Make-Up

5 Minute Face Make-Up

Most of us need a really quick make-up look in the morning as we are often busy looking after the family or rushing out the door to work. At Nakin we produce award-winning natural skincare and love a natural make-up look as much as we love a fast routine. Our whole philosophy at Nakin is to help skin to look as good as it can naturally and so you may find that your skin looks great and you are happy to go make-up free. Many of us will prefer to have some make-up on though, to give our complexion a little lift with some colour. So, we thought we would share this minimal but effective look that can be achieved in just five minutes. This is a minimal make-up look, which actually is always a trend as it showcases our natural beauty. Follow our five steps below, with each step taking about one minute to complete.

First Minute

After skin is prepped with the best skincare products like Nakin’s, start by applying some coverage to the face. This will help to even out any imperfections including redness and discolouration. We always recommend natural make-up and there are so many gorgeous options for this. Apply all over the face including the under-eye area, and then buff in with a good buffing brush.

Second Minute

Use an eye lash curler to really open the eyes up naturally and then apply some mascara to the top lashes. For a natural look apply one coat and only onto the top lashes, and for a stronger look apply more coats and sweep some on the bottom lashes.

Third Minute

Apply Some powder and bronzer to take away any overly shiny areas and add some colour to the face. Apply some bronzer to the eye lids, cheek indents, jawline and forehead near the hairline, plus blend in fully for a subtle natural glow. Applying bronzer to the eye lids is a quick way to give them warmth and depth.

Fourth Minute

Next is time for blusher. Blusher is a great way to bring some life to skin and perk it up. Apply to the centre of the cheekbones and then blend in thoroughly.

Fifth Minute

Finish off the look with our gorgeous lip balm to hydrate, soften and nourish lips. It is filled with beautiful plant butters and oils to give lips a subtle natural sheen.

We hope that you found this helpful and a super quick way to use and apply your make-up in minutes. We love it as it is minimal fuss and mistake free. Just remember to prepare skin ahead of applying the make-up using Nakin’s Anti-Ageing Skincare. Our range of face products include the below and they are perfect to cleanse and prime skin before applying make-up.

  • Start with our plant-based Cleansing Milk as soft, clean skin is the basis of every gorgeous look. Or use our Rejuvenating Face Wash.
  • After the milk lotion use our Face Toner to brighten, freshen and tone the face and neck.
  • Skin is now ready for actives and our Face Serum is so good that you might even be confident to go make-up free.
  • For soft nourished glowing skin apply our Face Oil.
  • The skin around the eyes always looks better with a good eye product and our Eye Cream hydrates plus smooths out lines.
  • A good moisturiser acts as a hydrator and primer in one. Our Matt Cream is for oily, normal, combination and sensitive skin and for those on the dry side the Dew Cream is a better fit.

A minimal five minute make-up look is surprisingly easy to achieve and can significantly enhance our appearance effortlessly. This quick routine typically involves a few key products and a touch of lip balm. The beauty of this approach lies in its simplicity; with just a few steps, we can achieve a polished and fresh-faced look that boosts our confidence. Moreover, a minimal make-up routine is perfect for busy mornings or for those who prefer a more natural appearance, allowing us to look put-together without the need for a lengthy beauty regimen.

In addition to the basic steps mentioned above, there are a few techniques and tips that can elevate our minimal make-up looks even further. One important aspect is choosing the right shades and textures for our skin tone and type. For example, those with dry skin may benefit from using a creamy blush instead of a powder one, while those with oily skin may prefer a powder. Experimenting with different products and techniques can help us find the perfect combination for our unique features.

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