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10 Steps To Fix Tired Skin Naturally

10 Steps To Fix Tired Skin Naturally

Sometimes we look in the mirror and wonder why our skin looks so tired. Signs that our skin is tired include it looking pale, grey, dry, saggy and lacklustre. It can also come on from different lifestyle factors such as stress, lack of exercise and naturally ageing. However, there are some easy ways to perk up your skin naturally and get your glow back. At Nakin we have some natural affordable ways to easily fix tired skin, without a face lift or aesthetic treatment in site. One of them is using our natural face products that are filled with lots of energising plant extracts. Read on to find out how to fix tired skin naturally.

  1. Getting a good night’s sleep is really important for youthful fresh-looking skin. Sleep is the time when our systems heal, repair and recover. Everyday Health state that a good night's sleep can mean good skin. This is because when we are sleep-deprived our body makes more of the stress hormone cortisol. We will all have noticed that when we are stressed our skin may have issues and tired skin is one of them. Many of us have trouble sleeping for long periods, so seek help if this is an issue for you. We all need a different amount of sleep each night though, and some of us will naturally sleep for less time than others.
  2. Stay hydrated by drinking water and herbal teas, as dehydrated skin can look dull and tired. If you find it hard to drink lots of water and want some variety, then it is easy to make natural healthy homemade drinks like lemonade. There are so many recipes on the internet for freshly made fruit drinks, plus these will also help to detox your system and boost immunity.
  3. Only use natural skincare products as natural ingredients do not put any stress and pressure on skin. Synthetic ingredients like silicones, retinol and artificial fragrance are unfamiliar to our natural biology, and so are best avoided whenever possible.
  4. Take time to pamper your skin with a good face routine to get the complexion glowing. Nakin’s Natural Anti-Ageing Face Care Range is made with amazing plant extracts which help to keep skin looking fresh and plump, plus are kind to even sensitive skin. Start by cleansing skin with our nutritious comforting Advanced Cleansing Milk or for a more thorough cleanse use our Rejuvenating Face Wash. Then follow with our Purifying Face Toner. To exfoliate and renew skin plus clear away the dead layer of skin cells use our Exfoliating Radiance Tonic. This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to bring life to skin as it has a potent formula filled with stimulating fruit extracts. Next is treating the skin to intense plant actives to repair past skin damage, heal skin issues and smooth out lines and wrinkles with our Eye Cream Complex for skin around the eyes and Performance Face Serum for the rest of the face and neck. Then is the time to soften and condition skin with our Revitalising Face Oil before applying moisturiser for hydration and protection. Our Matt Formula Face Cream is perfect for oilier skin types, and our Active Dew Face Cream works for dry skin types. Follow with our Lip Treatment Balm for long-lasting soft plumps lips. Your face will be soft, smooth and glowing.
  5. Having a sauna is an instant way to detoxify our systems and take our bodies into relaxation mode. Lifehack write that saunas make us look younger. This is because as we grow older, more of the dead cells accumulate onto our skin pores. Saunas improve blood flow to our skin, and this boosts the growth of new skin and removes all the dead cells, that can make skin look dull and tired. As well as this, the natural oils in our face are liberated to hydrate and plump skin. Saunas might seem out of reach for many but nowadays there are so many at home red light saunas that are really affordable and convenient.
  6. Try to massage the face and neck whenever possible, as this is super boosting. Facial massage will stimulate the skin to keep it toned and tight, plus it can be done without a therapist. It is amazing to know that we can improve and prevent tired skin for free, and just by using our hands. Use our 100% natural Revitalising Face Oil to help condition skin as much as possible.
  7. Being active and exercising can lift our look tremendously. Exercise helps skin by getting our heart rate up and improving blood circulation. This allows the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the skin. Subsequently it promotes collagen production and new skin cell production. Collagen is the holy grail of good skin, and it gives us that plump bouncy look. However, collagen decreases naturally as we get older, so helping to boost it through exercise is really beneficial to skin. You can also keep the skin on the face and neck toned with targeted exercises in these areas, for a fresh youthful look.
  8. We are what we eat, and tired skin can be a result of a poor diet. It is now well known that too much sugar, dairy, gluten or alcohol in the diet put pressure on our skin which stops it looking its best. Instead keep skin glowing with more foods that are high in antioxidants like fruits and vegetables, such as berries, spinach and broccoli.
  9. Keep stress levels down by including lots of fun and relaxation in your life. Stress hormones have a negative effect on our skin functioning and can make our face look worn out. Combat this by boosting our feel-good hormones that help skin to function well and give our whole system a boost. Our mental health can have a huge effect on the way we look and feel. So, it is well worth taking some time to relax and do what you love.
  10. If your skin looks really tired then it might be worth checking if you are deficient in any vitamins and minerals and consider taking a supplement, with medical advice of course. Being deficient in a vitamin or mineral can have a big effect on how we look and feel. If a deficiency is found, then always try to correct it with food first before taking a supplement. However natural supplements can help where this is not possible. Or during particularly stressful periods in our life when we need a boost.

There is so much you can do to help improve your tired looking skin naturally. To naturally revitalise tired skin, consider incorporating a hydrating routine that includes drinking water throughout the day and using products like ours with natural moisturising ingredients like hyaluronic acid. Adequate sleep is crucial, as it allows the skin to repair itself. Additionally, implementing a diet rich in antioxidants from fruits and vegetables can combat free radical damage. Stay active and for a quick boost do not underestimate the power of regular, gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, promoting a healthier, more radiant complexion. Our Exfoliating Radiance Tonic is perfect for this.

We hope that you found our feature helpful about how to fix tired looking skin easily and naturally. So, next time you look in the mirror and wonder why you look so tired, there is no need to worry as if you follow our ten-step guide then you will soon have a fresh glowing complexion. Lifestyle can have such a big effect on how we look and feel and there is so much that can be done to improve our skin naturally. The important thing is to always use the best skincare products.

Nakin are dedicated to achieving beautiful skin at every age using the best natural ingredients. To find out more about Nakin and our award winning anti-ageing skincare then visit us at www.nakinskincare.com Nakin produce natural face products for all skin types, including sensitive skin. The full range can be found here and is designed to help skin to thrive and flourish by using the best plant active ingredients. Everything is cruelty free and made in the UK. If you would like to get in touch with Nakin then please email us at info@nakinskincare.com We would love to hear your thoughts and are also available to offer skincare and product advice.

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