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10 Minute Natural Face Lift

10 Minute Natural Face Lift

If your skin needs a boost, then we have a super quick work out for it that will get your face and neck plump and glowing in no time at all. All you need is our natural skincare and a face roller. Once you have these then find a quite space to yourself and follow the steps below. Just to mention that when we talk about a face roller in this instance, we mean a jade or rose quartz type roller, as opposed to a needle derma roller. We know that the later are popular but there is some controversy on their use. Instead, a jade type roller is super kind to skin.

  1. The foundation for all good skin is effective but gentle cleansing. Start with our Natural Cleansing Milk which beautifully cleans while nourishing skin at the same time, or our Natural Face Wash. Follow the cleansing milk or wash with our Natural Toner that is filled with detoxing and toning botanicals to leave skin clear and toned. Or if you prefer an exfoliation treatment then use our Natural Exfoliator.
  2. Next it is time to apply face treatments including our natural eye cream to the skin around eyes, plus natural serum and natural face oil to the face and neck. These are essentials to keeping skin looking as good as it can naturally. Nakin’s products glide onto skin like silk and leave the face and neck treated and hydrated all day and night long. For this special face lift treatment though we recommend applying a little more product than usual. This is because the face roller tool will be used in the next step, so it is good to have some excess product on the face and neck. This will give the right amount of slip for the roller to move over the face easily, without dragging and causing any skin damage.
  3. Face rollers are now so easy to obtain and super affordable, yet they work wonders on skin in no time at all. They usually come in Jade or Rose Quartz gemstones which means they are powered with extra healing properties, and we love them as they are really easy to use. Face rollers have two ends, one with a large roller and one with a smaller one, which means they can work in all facial contours. They are amazing for stimulating lymphatic drainage, detoxifying and relieving tension in the face and neck. Roll upwards to achieve the best face lift, starting at the neck. Then from the jaw to the ear, and jaw to cheekbone. Then rolling flat from the start of the eyebrows to temples, and from the forehead up to the temples. Keep things symmetrical and even by rolling both sides of the face for the same amount of time.
  4. After the face roller apply Nakin’s natural moisturiser and lip balm. Many of us will then apply makeup after this, but you might find your skin looks so healthy and lifted that you want to keep things natural. This natural face lift exercise is also great when carried out in the evening as it relives tension and so sets a lovely tone for a great night’s sleep.

Using good face products and a jade roller can provide an instant lift to your face, offering a quick and natural way to enhance your skin's appearance. This traditional Chinese skincare tool works by gently massaging the skin, which helps to stimulate blood circulation and promote lymphatic drainage. As a result, your skin appears more toned and revitalised, with reduced puffiness and a firmer contour. The cooling effect of the jade stone also soothes inflammation and tightens pores, adding to the overall lifting effect. Incorporating a jade roller into your skincare routine can instantly boost your complexion, leaving your face looking refreshed and youthful.

We hope that you enjoyed our ten-minute natural facial. It is so easy to do and can be carried out in the morning and evening, or whenever you can find a spare ten minutes in the day. It is always worth setting some time aside to take care of your skin. Nakin are huge advocates of looking after skin naturally and this is why our skincare is made with the very best plant ingredients. To learn more about us and our anti-ageing face range then visit our website through the links below.

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